NBA all-star Stephen Curry makes his anticipated appearance on Infinity Challenge

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Wow, the power of Infinity Challenge. Basketball player Stephen Curry appeared on the latest episode of MBC’s Infinity Challenge and boy did the episode not disappoint.

Earlier last month, Infinity Challenge had reported that Stephen Curry would be appearing on the show since he was going to be in South Korea for a visit. Just like how Infinity Challenge managed to do with Jack Black, the popular variety show was able to grab another celebrity to be on their show and this time it was none other than NBA all-star Stephen Curry.

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It’s unfortunate that the appearance was only an episode long. I would have totally been fine if the Stephen Curry appearance was a 2-part series. I heavily enjoyed the entire episode, but I liked the first half of the episode a little bit better so I wish the episode would have showed us more of the cast members practicing for the game. Now that I reflect back on the episode, I wanted to see more of the members practicing with coach Seo Jang-hoon because it was so funny watching the members practice and test out their basketball skills (LOL @ the comment about Haha and Se-hyung hugging their uncle aka Seo Jang-hoon or at Nam Joo-hyuk acting like a madman during the small mission or at Park Myung-soo never having touched a basketball before until this episode). I’ve never had to stop a video so many times before from laughing. Everyone was so hilarious and ridiculous during these practices (Nam Joo-hyuk is so cute, funny, and out-going which is such a huge contrast from what one would expect from his personality + he would participate in this episode despite being busy with filming for his drama) and it was nice seeing them just play basketball to prepare for the match. The cast was taking it seriously and trying their best (especially Bae Jung-nam who was overflowing with passion), but at the same time had fun and would pull small jokes and compliments at one another. I laughed more at them practicing and messing around with one another than the actual match with Stephen Curry and his brother Seth (the episode was a little bit rushed). The practices could have an episode alone and I would have loved that.

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But that doesn’t mean that the interview with Steph and Seth or the actual match wasn’t entertaining because it was. I had to pause the video so many times to laugh especially during the part where Steph and Seth were guessing what the occupations of each cast member was. Jung Jun-ha got mistakened for being a chef and for Yoo Jae-suk they thought he looked like a teacher or for Jung-nam Seth thought he looked like a hair model. Not just any kind of model, but a hair model. HAHAHA. Also, the cast members’ reactions to seeing the two brothers and being around them was so funny and enjoyable (“I’m never going to wash my hand ever again!”). As for the actual match itself, I thought it was funny how each quarter got increasingly difficult for the brothers and easier for the Infinity Challenge members. This is a variety show at the end of the day and viewers need to be entertained in many ways. I think it was smart how Infinity Challenge presented something new each round because that made it more entertaining and hilarious. Stephen Curry’s reaction when he saw the revolving backboard made me fall over in laughter. Props to the brothers for being good sports as well despite the challenges presented in every round. All in all, the basketball match was a friendly competition and it was great seeing the cast members and brothers get along.

As I mentioned in my last podcast, Infinity Challenge has always been a hit or miss show for me (with this episode being a hit but the episode before this one being a huge miss) so I’m glad that this episode was good. Based on the preview for next weekend’s episode, it also seems like there will be another hit on the way.


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