Boyfriend returns with ‘Star’ after a long hiatus

Ahh they’re finally back. It’s been a while since we’ve last seen K-pop boy group Boyfriend. The boy group finally made their comeback titled ‘Star’ just recently and it’s a decent one.

It’s unfortunate that Boyfriend’s been placed in the backburner by their company Starship Entertainment (home to groups like former group SISTAR and current groups like Monsta X & WSJN) just because they used to be really popular and had so much potential to be big. I’m glad that they finally have a comeback, but it’s been overdue for such a long time and with the debuts of new groups like Wanna One, right now is probably not the best time to give Boyfriend a comeback.

When Boyfriend first debuted – just like with NU’EST – people had their eyes on the boy group as a potential group that could possibly get big. I personally enjoyed their title tracks such as ‘Janus’ or ‘Obsession.’ Boyfriend has worked so hard to build a fanbase for themselves which has unfortunately all gone to waste after the long hiatus they were given. With so much competition right now (and always) in the K-Pop music industry, I’m afraid to say that I don’t see a bright future for Boyfriend especially with the unprofessional way that Starship Entertainment has been treating them. Bad promoting and marketing by their agency + long hiatus + tough competition does not make for good results. The timing for Boyfriend’s comeback couldn’t be any worse. It’s unfortunate because ‘Star’ isn’t that bad of a track and has the potential to be successful.

Maybe what Boyfriend might need at this point is to pull a NU’EST and appear on survival shows like Produce 101 (if there’s another season) to get themselves back on track and in the game (and as seen with NU’EST, this might be more in their favor than loss). I really hope they’ll be given another chance though because the boys are talented and had a good run going for them when they were being promoted properly by Starship.

Source: starshipTV @ youtube

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