Raina wants to stop being in a ‘Loop’ in recent solo comeback

After School and Orange Caramel member Raina made her solo comeback with a new album ‘Loop.’ The title track features Aron of NU’EST and is a cute pop song that gives off coffee shop feels and vibes.

‘Loop’ is a cute song and it’s another collaboration that doesn’t stand out, but is one that I can find myself listening to for a few more times. After giving the rest of the album a listen, I also do enjoy b-side track ‘Treat You Better’ and do think that this track would have also made a good (if not better) title track.

Raina is and has been my bias since her debut in After School back in 2009 with ‘Because of You.’ She’s a great vocalist, has an adorable bubbly voice, and sings well. I’m glad that she’s gotten a solo comeback (although I do think an After School and/or Orange Caramel comeback would be more ideal at this point but we might never see them as a group again) after the success of her collaborations with San E.

Regardless, it’s nice to see at least someone from AS/OC still active musically. The chances of seeing AS/OC ever making a comeback as a group is slim to none and it’s such a shame because they were such a talented group with catchy music and versatile concepts every comeback (remember ‘Bang’ or ‘Because of You’?). I remember being there at AS’s debut and at first having my doubts and concern about the group but eventually warming up to them once they came back with ‘Diva.’ I’ve always enjoyed After School’s comeback whether that was sentimental and mature music like ‘Because of You’ to pop songs like ‘Bang’ or sexy concepts like ‘First Love.’ One thing about the group that I was not so fond of however was the graduation concept because I think it hurt the group more so than help them, but they (and Pledis) did manage to make the graduation system work a few times until the group just gradually died out.

It’s sad that all these girl groups who were different, strong, versatile, and stable (think 4Minute, 2NE1, and After School) are no longer a group or promoting. I would like to see more groups like them, but I’m not sure how much longer we’ll have to wait until another girl group like them comes by. I guess for now we’ll have to do with solo comebacks or the current girl groups we have right now.

Source: 1thek @ youtube, BEVJ Entertainment @ youtube

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