BTS releases first comeback teaser by releasing an image of Jungkook in a wheelchair


Ohhhh boy, the teasing has begun.

Here I am just waiting for J-hope’s mixtape to be released anytime now while catching up with Bon Voyage Season 2 only to find a new teaser image of Jungkook released. I don’t know how to react or feel. Their comeback isn’t until next month?? Why is Jungkook in a wheelchair??

BTS hinted that the concept of their next comeback was going to be about ‘loving yourself’ and with the newly released teaser it seems like they will indeed be going through with this message. I am all for this because I believe that the message of loving yourself is one of the most strongest but simple beliefs you can ever have and I’m a strong advocate in always loving yourself. With that being said, I’m looking forward to seeing how BTS is going to convey this message. Seeing Jungkook in a wheelchair, I’m assuming that something probably happened to him (e.g.: car accident or he maybe has some kind of disease). I think it’d be cool if we got an individual member film/short MV or something (similar to their ‘Wings’ solo MV teasers/trailers) and the teasers showing each member loving themselves after whatever hardship and challenge they go through, but if we just get one MV in the end I’m totally cool with that too (I’m always down for anything BTS to be honest).

Of course, I’m still waiting for J-hope’s mixtape to be released first. Rap Monster and BTS had hinted that his mixtape would be the next activity for BTS so I’m just waiting knowing that it can drop anytime soon (hopefully). I just hope J-hope’s mixtape will be released soon and that it’ll receive enough time for a little promotion + recognition/appreciation for J-hope. I really would not want BTS’s comeback promotions to overlap with J-hope’s mixtape. Please let the little guy get his time in the spotlight for once. Please T___T

BTS is confirmed to make a comeback in September of this year. Just one more month to go. You already know the next few weeks is gonna be a wild ride and that only means more posts of me screaming on this blog. It’s only gonna get crazier from here on out.

Source: BTS_twt

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