[Discuss Away!] BTS September comeback thread~


Okay, at this point I’m just gonna make a single thread for BTS’s comeback and update this post continually as we get more updates on their comeback. Because we all know how much BTS and Big Hit loves scaring teasing us, that only means more updates so I might as well makes a thread instead of 19328493843 separate posts about BTS.


After releasing a teaser of Jungkook, Big Hit went ahead and released a million more photos (all in the same day I might add) but this time of the other members. The images are beautiful, sentimental, and emotional, hitting you in the feels because the boys look amazing and great. On each individual teaser photo are quotes but what they pertain to is yet to be solved (it’ll probably always be a mystery considering how much BTS loves to keep things a secret from us).


I’m not a big theory person so I haven’t read or kept up with any of the theories in relation to this comeback project nor any of their past comebacks (to be honest I actually don’t care for the theories that much. I kind of miss it when BTS wasn’t all about the theories). With this comeback, ‘Love Yourself’ is a project that will extend into the next year so it’ll be something similar to ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ back in 2015 (and there are theories/rumors that ‘Love Yourself’ is related to HYYA) so we’ll see what happens this time. Actual teasers for BTS’s comeback in September has yet to be released as ‘Love Yourself’ is the overall concept so maybe there might be 2-3 comebacks that fall under ‘Love Yourself.’ Whatever it is, that just means more theories which I’m not a big fan of but more BTS which I’m all here for so I guess things work out in the end (I guess).


OKAY BUT WHAT IS THIS. Why are the words “i’m fine” and “save me” on Rap Monster and V’s movie poster. And why is Jimin and J-hope facing each other in their poster (does this mean more dancing?? BECAUSE I AM HERE FOR THAT). There have been discussions about how this is a project that other artists and groups will also be participating in respectively so maybe this isn’t only a BTS project exclusively done by them?


JUNGKOOK WHY ARE YOU IN THE HOSPITAL? What did Yoongi do to you? And why is Jin looking like a model? He looks like he could be in ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ and I would totally watch it.

More updates will be posted in this thread as Big Hit releases more stuff for us. It’s gonna be such a scary, gruesome, and exciting time now that September is approaching. If the teasers are already like this and all we’ve gotten so far are just photos, just imagine what the MV teasers and trailers will be like! WHAT ABOUT THE MUSIC?! Omg, I’m not ready at all just thinking about these things. I’m scared.

[8/13/2017 UPDATE]

13 June YEAR 22

After returning from that sea, we were all alone.

Like it was all set, we didn’t contact each other. We only assumed the existance of each other from the graffiti on the streets, the gas station lighting brightly, the piano sound from the old building. Every time like that, the afterimage of that night came back to haunt me like a phantom. Taehyung’s pupils that blazed with fire, all the eyes that looked at me as if hearing an unbelievable story, Namjoon’s hands that stopped Taehyung, and me who couldn’t endure and threw my fists towards Taehyung.

After Taehyung ran away, we couldn’t find him, no one stayed at the seaside dorm after returning. The broken glass cup, the bloodstain that was starting to get clotted, the crumbled snack pieces, they only reminded us of what happened few hours ago. A photo fell down then. It was the photo we took at the sea, smiling together.

I passed by the gas station today. One day we will meet again. One day we will smile together like we did in that photo. One day I will gather the courage to face myself. But now, it is not the time yet. The humid wind blew today, just like that day. And the next moment, my phone rang like a warning. The photo hanging on the mirror of my room was shaking. Hoseok’s name appeared on the screen.

“Hyung, Jungkook got into an accident that night.”

Wow, okay. So we finally have some context as to what finally happened, but I am still very confused nonetheless. Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are so many more things that has yet to be revealed. Like why was Jin and V fighting each other? What happened to Jungkook? How did he get into an accident? These theories are driving me nuts, especially since I’m not that into them. I’m just expecting a lot more tears, pain, angst, and sadness though once the MV teasers are released. And then when the music releases, it’ll be a thousand times worse.

And also, BTS be living in 2022 while we’re still here in 2017. Like wow, take me to the future with you BTS. I hope I’m still here with you when the year 2022 arrives (omg why did I say that? Now I’m getting emotional and I wanna cry. It doesn’t help that I’m listening to a piano version of 4 O’ Clock. NOOOOO. Why did I do this to myself?).

So yes, I’m expecting quite a lot of tears with this comeback.

[8/14-8/16/17 UPDATE]


Since the start of all of this teasing I’ve been waking up to new teasers for this comeback so now I’m paranoid whenever I wake up because I know Big Hit has released something and it gives me a heart attack lol. I never know what they’re gonna throw at us and it honestly makes me so scared so I have to prepare myself ahead of time. Haha. With that being said, Big Hit released 2 movie teasers for us and it stars some girls (SAY WHAAAAT?).

I’ll be honest, I was afraid BTS was going to turn the past 2 years of hard work and effort they put into their comebacks into a cliche romance plot with this first trailer. I would understand why they would go that route ($$), but I would definitely be disappointed if they did do this just because they were doing something so different that no one’s ever done before. Plus, the boys were exploring concepts of self-discovery, mental health, depression, trauma, healing, etc. that was so refreshing and different so to see female characters in the trailer just seemed like they were going to throw all of that away by justifying everything with love and romance. Even as someone who didn’t care about the theories and never followed it, I didn’t want BTS to do something so boring, cliche, and mundane.

But then they released a second video teaser and maybe things won’t be that bad. It seems like Big Hit might know what they’re doing. I’ve been seeing fan theories be thrown around here and there and some people have been theorizing that the females are actually reflections or guardians of the boys which I can see happening. It’s random for BTS to start using girls in their comebacks for romantic purposes so maybe this might be the underlying reason why they’re in this teaser. Regardless, it’s interesting seeing the roles that the girls play with these teasers and I’ll admit that I actually like Hobi’s girl the best (she and Hobi’s couple dance was so cute!).

There’ll be more teasers so this roller coaster isn’t exactly done yet. While I’m enjoying the teasers (in a painful way), I also want to know when Hobi’s mixtape is coming out. That’s the real question. Out of all this teasing, he’s the one doing the most teasing.

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