[Discuss Away!] Show Me the Money 6 ep 7

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So I guess there really isn’t a revival round this season. Ahh, it’s so sad. It’s the battle of the disses and the beginning of the performance rounds in episode 7. Olltii, where are you when we need you?!

Note: Also, I noticed that I had been using the wrong thread/discussion tag the whole time. I totally forgot about my ‘Discuss Away!’ tag this whole time so I’ll be resuming to using that tag again for SMTM posts!

The episode starts off with the diss round. Team Dean x Zico battle against Team DOK2 x Jay while Team Dynamic Duo is against Team Tiger Jk x Bizzy. I’m a bit disappointed and conflicted in that my two bias groups (Dynamic Duo and Tiger Jk x Bizzy) went against each other. How are you going to pit them up like that and make them go against each other? Nooo.

Because I watched the episode raw and I don’t understand Korean fluently, I didn’t know what the contestants were rapping about so I was watching it more for the reactions and how the contestants performed.

Team Tiger Jk & Bizzy vs. Team Dynamic Duo

Because I’m so biased towards Wonjae, I wanted him to win so it’s unfortunate that he and his team didn’t. I think he still did good though even though it’s obvious that cyphers and disses aren’t his thing. He’s more of a performance type of guy so hopefully he’ll get to shine more in performance rounds. Nucksal and Woochan are so cute together; they’re like father and son and it’s so cute seeing the rest of Team Dynamic Duo take care of Woochan. I think it was obvious that Team Dynamic Duo was gonna win though because 1) Woochan 2) Nucksal 3) Woochan + Nucksal were partners in the diss battle. They’re both strong individually (with Nucksal of course being a lot stronger but Woochan also proving that he shouldn’t be underestimated). Hanhae has always been good so the diss battle wasn’t anything too difficult for him. Although Team Tiger Jk x Bizzy lost and Asol got eliminated, I’m just happy to have seen Wonjae smile in this episode. He smiled the most in this episode so far.

Team Jay x DOK2 vs. Team Dean x Zico (aka Dico)

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I don’t care for these 2 teams as much (nor do I care for the producers themselves) so I wasn’t as hyped for this diss battle as much. However, my Young B did great (he was on fire) and he made everyone go crazy with his diss. So obviously, he has some power and influence on people and he’s one of the stronger team members. Everyone in Team Dico (I’m just gonna call them that from now on lol) are all pretty strong individually. Killagramz is probably the strongest team member, but Hash Swan, Young B, and Hangzoo are all decent rappers as well. It’s both a blessing and a curse that they’re all on the same team because they will eventually have to compete against one another. Team Dico won the diss round and I think it was well-deserved.

Performance Round: Hanhae vs. Killagramz

The performance round started off really strong, powerful, fun, and great. I wasn’t expecting to be this entertained so early into the performance round. Team Dico ultimately chose to have Killagramz perform (it was between him and Hash Swan) causing Hash to be eliminated from the show. Meanwhile, Team Dynamic Duo chose Hanhae as their representative performer.

Killagramz is a strong rapper regardless of what song he’s given. I think he worked with what he was given with his performance round, but I do think his performance worked less in favor of him. Instead of being his performance, it felt like a track and performance made for Dean and it’s unfortunate because the song is really good. I just wished that they could have gave more time for Killagramz because he is the contestant overall. I enjoyed the performance and the track (it’s super catchy), but in terms of the show itself, it didn’t really help Killa. He was only given one verse and then disappeared halfway into the performance. I dislike it when producers focus more on themselves than the contestant they should be helping so hopefully Team Dico doesn’t continue to do this in the future or else their whole team and them will be eliminated (but they popular too though so if Killagramz does win the performance round I wouldn’t be surprised).

Hanhae’s performance was also wonderful and well-performed. Everything about it just felt, looked, and sounded right. It was smooth. No one messed up, Dynamic Duo gave him his time in the spotlight as it should be, and the featuring of Chungha (IOI) lightened things up when the performance seemed to be getting a little dull. Also, not to mention that Hanhae looked FREAKING amazing in his outfit and then to see him perform so confidently with so much grace and elegance — ahh it was really the perfect combination. I actually got goosebumps while watching his performance because everything was so good and fun. I think it’s ironic and funny that Team Dynamic Duo was the least popular producer team, but they’ve been pretty consistent so far into this season. The producers themselves obviously know what to do and they’re able to help their team members themselves improve. This is such a surprise considering that no one wanted to be on their team, but Team Dynamic Duo is probably the most stable and decent team on the show (along with Team Dico I would argue). Hanhae’s performance overall was great.

It’s conflicting because I enjoyed both Killa and Hanhae’s performances. They were so different from each other with Killa’s being a lot more fun and upbeat and Hanhae’s being more mature, classy, and sophisticated, but both still being nicely delivered and performed to us. The episode left us on a cliffhanger of who won the performance round so I guess we’ll have to wait to see who wins. While I like both contestants themselves and their performances, I have a feeling that Killa won (but I’m also really hoping that he didn’t so that Hanhae can stay on the show). Ahh, what to do what to do.

And also, Mnet’s editing is still the same crappy editing it’s been since episode 1. Why is it like this? Lol.

Source 1: Mnet official @ youtube

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