[Discuss Away!] Criminal Minds ep 3-6

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Ahhh, I want to turn this one away but at the same time there’s just something about it that makes me keep returning to it every week.

There are more negative aspects to the show that outweighs the positive, but I am quite enjoying the positive and I think the show is doing a much better job now compared to how it did in the beginning. It has a better grasp of how to run and execute things properly and in contrast to the first two episodes, the later episodes have been a lot more intense.

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Of course, there are still many holes in terms of the writing (it’s lazy and doesn’t provide any context to our characters), but the show is a lot stronger now than when it started out. While I’m not really sure what exactly that is or how it was able to do this, now the episodes have gotten more cohesive and stable.

Out of the 4 episodes (between 3-6), my favorite would probably have to be episode 4. While the episode itself was frustrating (and sad) and there were holes here and there, it was so intense nonetheless and actually did well in building intensity. I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode and regardless of whether that was for more negative or positive reasons, I enjoyed the episode. It did a good job in maintaining its momentum to the very end and the angst at the end was also well-executed. You could really feel for Ki-hyung and all the emotions he felt as he lost his wife. Of course I think the the impact of this loss would have been bigger had the drama spent a little bit more time on Ki-hyung and his family, but it was a heart-breaking loss nonetheless and was one that hit you hard (I had a hard time processing the episode after I finished it. It’s one of those episodes that will stick with me for a long time for better or for worse).

While the drama has gotten much better in terms of cinematography and music (acting was always stable to begin with), the one issue I still have about this drama is the lack of context on our characters. Because the drama is too busy focusing on trying to replicate the American version of the show, the drama forgets about the characters and focuses more on the cases. As a viewer, I want to know more about our characters, who they are, their struggles and experiences, and much more. It’s as if the drama just threw us into the murder cases starting from episode 1 (in which it did) and just forced us to watch a team of individuals work together to solving these cases. I think I would have totally been fine with this and would have actually enjoyed the drama a lot more had it also given us some context on who exactly we’re watching and who the characters are. I think it’s unfortunate because honestly that’s all we’re missing in this drama. We just need some more information on who our characters are and everything else would be great. I think the drama should have started off with character introductions in the first 2 episodes and then transition into the murder cases because now it’s doing a much better job in executing the cases and keeping the intensity alive but the information about our characters are missing. So although you enjoy watching the team save people’s lives, there’s a lack of impact because you don’t know enough about our characters to care and root for them.

It’s such a shame that the drama isn’t planning to focus on the relationship between Hyun-joon and Sun-woo just because Lee Jun-ki and Moon Chae-won have such good chemistry with each other and are really cute together (I will never get over this honestly). I’ve enjoyed all their interactions together so far into the drama and I would totally be all for a love line between the two. Whereas other dramas force the two leads to find a way to fall in love with each other, Hyun-joon and Sun-woo’s relationship is so natural and smooth and it would actually make sense if they became a couple. This is one of the dramas where I full-on want a romance between our two leads, but the drama isn’t going to give that to us. C’mon Criminal Minds, please let us have some moments between Hyun-joon and Sun-woo! Please!

So while Criminal Minds is not the most fun and easy to watch, it’s still interesting and intriguing and this is what makes me keep returning to it. It’s your usual cop/police procedural drama, but I’m appreciating the cast, the teamwork of our characters, the music, and the improving camerawork. Whereas before I had doubts about dropping the show and was really close to doing so, now I’m thinking that maybe Criminal Minds won’t be that bad after all.


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