[Spazzzz Sunday] Infinity Challenge + new song recommendations

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Happy Sunday everyone (or maybe it’s already Monday for some of you)! As the evening comes to a close, I just wanted to wish you all a happy end of this week and a good beginning into the new week!

Infinity Challenge’s most recent episode was another hit for me as it starred Jack Black and documented the cast members heading to LA for what they thought was an audition to a movie.

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The entire episode was hilarious, especially the part with the auditions. The members being told to do something on the spot was so funny. I especially enjoyed Jun-ha’s audition where he had to pretend he was eating bread and then someone’s feet and then back to eating food and then a human’s foot again. That was so funny! Well done by Jun-ha. Se-hyung’s audition where he had to continually dance the entire time was so entertaining as well. He just kept on going and going which I think was fitting of him because he’s energetic and cheerful in general. I thought it was so funny how every time the members also kept on doubting if this was all just a prank/hidden camera in the end because they kept on being told to do some ridiculous things. Haha. Surprisingly, all the members did pretty well and took the audition seriously even though it was just a hidden camera in the end and though they were told to do some ridiculous things. They all have some potential for acting with what they showed through their auditions. It was so amusing and fun watching their auditions.

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Jack Black made his second appearance on the show and did not disappoint. I never watched the first time he appeared on the show so I can’t say much, but being a comedian and an actor, he did what he did best on the episode and sure did know how to make the cast members laugh. Seems like he and the rest of the boys had a great time being together and reuniting after many years.

I’m glad that the last 2 episodes of Infinity Challenge has been going strong. I hope to see the show continue to do well and deliver with hits more than misses.

Song Recommendations:

Also, while I was browsing on youtube, I came across a few new songs that are my current obsessions. They are more Korean r&b/hip-hop, but good songs nonetheless. Hope you enjoy!


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