Ryu Jun-yeol and Girl’s Day Hyeri confirmed to be dating!

AWWWWW, WE HAVE THE BIRTH OF A NEW COUPLE *squeals* It was confirmed recently that Answer Me 1988 stars Ryu Jun-yeol and Girl's Day Hyeri are dating! People who shipped the two but was disappointed with the outcome of the drama can now rejoice because the two are now indeed a ship. I remember watching [...]

More teasers for ‘Age of Youth 2’ + Onew to be dropped from the show

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohxBYmeCINE Oh no, this comes as a shock. We're only about 1 week and a few days away from the season premiere of 'Age of Youth 2' and JTBC has been doing a great drama in pumping up fans for the second season by releasing a few teasers for excited fans. However, the down side [...]