More teasers for ‘Age of Youth 2’ + Onew to be dropped from the show

Oh no, this comes as a shock. We’re only about 1 week and a few days away from the season premiere of ‘Age of Youth 2’ and JTBC has been doing a great drama in pumping up fans for the second season by releasing a few teasers for excited fans. However, the down side to this is that SHINee’s Onew – who was confirmed to appear in the 2nd season as Han Seung-yeon’s love interest – will be dropped from the show.

After watching the teasers, it seems like the show is still capturing the sentimental, bright, and soft tone that it did with the first season which is always good news. You see the 4 (+5 later) housemates spending time together like how they did in the first season and we even get glimpses of the girls’ love interests (THE SUNBAEEE). Of course, it’s still weird to see the new faces this season, but hopefully it won’t be too difficult to adjust with this change. I still definitely do miss our maknae Park Hye-soo and bad-ass Ryu Hwa-young and wished that they were in this season as well.

Just recently, it was announced that SHINee’s Onew will be dropped from the show. Originally he had been set up to play as Han Seung-yeon’s love interest who supports her heal from the trauma she’s faced since her last relationship (that we saw in the first season). This update comes after Onew became swept up in claims of sexual harassment just recently. Filming has already started for ‘Age of Youth 2’, but since it hasn’t aired yet the production made the final decision to let Onew go. Details as to who is replacing Onew or what the production crew is necessarily going to do about this drop has yet to be determined. I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what happens with ‘Age of Youth 2’ next.

For now, let’s just enjoy the many teasers that JTBC has released for fans while we wait in anticipation what the drama is going to do next. ‘Age of Youth 2’ is set to premiere on Friday, August 25, 2017.

Source: JTBC Drama @ youtube

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