Ryu Jun-yeol and Girl’s Day Hyeri confirmed to be dating!



It was confirmed recently that Answer Me 1988 stars Ryu Jun-yeol and Girl’s Day Hyeri are dating! People who shipped the two but was disappointed with the outcome of the drama can now rejoice because the two are now indeed a ship.

I remember watching the first few episodes of Answer Me 1988 and shipping Jun-yeol’s character with Hyeri. But then I stopped watching the drama because it just got too frustrating and boring for me and I didn’t have the patience to go through with it. And plus, it especially sucked when I wanted Jun-yeol’s character to end up with Hyeri, but it was obvious the drama wasn’t going that route. I’m still hurt from what happened in Reply 1994 with Chilbongie I didn’t want to get hurt again so I dropped the show, lol.

But this is good news to fans of the drama who were rooting for the two characters to end up together. Now the two characters are actually together in real life and (hopefully) happily dating and in love.

Congratulations to Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri! Best wishes for a happy and healthy relationship 🙂

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