School 2017 recaps to be posted tomorrow!


Hi everyone! I hope your week has been off to a great start (because mine unfortunately hasn’t).

It’s been a stressful past week and I’m getting more and more busy now with work and job interviews. I’m also going to move out of my apartment and then into my new one in the next 2 weeks so I haven’t had the time to just sit down and rest and relax. Upon having been so stressed and overwhelmed with life lately, I’ve taken some time to just process everything and I’ve come to the conclusion that at times of stress, anxiety, and concerns, there are multiple ways I calm myself down, but the one method I’ve been using the past few days (and mostly today) has been asking myself the one most important question: in stressful and overwhelming times like these, what would Kim Namjoon (BTS) do in this situation? And it’s through this question and my reflection of him and his personality that I’m inspired to become a better person and to be patient in the end. If you don’t mind sharing, what are methods or mechanisms you use to relieve yourself of any stress from the challenges and hardships you face?

These are also the reasons why I didn’t post the recaps to the latest School 2017 episode today as I usually do. I’ve just been so busy running around and have been quite stressed lately so I haven’t had the time or energy to post anything (which is why I was inactive for a few days).

Starting tomorrow though I promise I’ll get started on the recaps to the new School 2017 episodes as I usually do. It’ll be a great stress-reliever for me so I thank you for your patience and understanding. I’m super grateful for all of your views and visits to my blog. It means a lot to me.

Once again, new recaps to be posted tomorrow. Look forward to it! 🙂

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