#ListenToThis: AOMG edition!

I knew I could always trust AOMG. Always. #InAOMGWeTrust

The popular Korean hip-hop label released some new music just recently and as usual all the tracks released by all their artists were great, catchy, and wonderful to listen to.

First up was Loco who released a summer album titled ‘Summer Go Loco’ (hahaha get it?) which contained 4 tracks with featurings from my favorites like Punchnello and Sam Kim (YES THAT SAM KIM. No, not the chef one. The singer). Title track ‘Summer Go Loco’ is your groovy and chill R&B track accompanied by Loco’s rap and Gray’s smooth vocals. While not my personal favorite from the album, the track is an easy track to listen to and makes you want to dance to it (also, Loco and Gray are looking gooood). My favorite song from the album would have to be ‘Alright, Summer Time’ – Loco’s collaboration track with Sam Kim. They had previously collaborated for song ‘Think About Chu’ which I absolutely loved because… well, it’s Sam Kim and Loco and they’re the ultimate combination so to get another collaboration between them again was a wonderful surprise and I’m glad they did because their new song together is another awesome one. You would never imagine that the two artists would ever collaborate just because they’re from two totally different music companies and genres, but it’s nice seeing the two come together to make some good music. Can I get maybe one or two more Sam Kim and Loco collaborations pleeeease? Is that too much to ask for?

After Loco was CEO Jay Park’s turn as he released a track featuring SMTM6 contestants Boi B and Double K titled ‘Reborn’. The collaboration was intended to be more of a commercial, but it’s a shame because the song is so damn good (this is ALL I have been listening to ever since its release) that the song could have been an actual promotional track. Regardless, we got a cute and pretty MV along with the collaboration (the aestheticsss tho) and while the song is more of a Jay Park song, it was still a cute collaboration nonetheless (this was the one collaboration that I never knew I needed until it happened).

Then last but not least is the only female artist in AOMG, Hoody! She just recently released her newest single ‘HANGANG’ today. I’m glad that we finally got something else from Hoody. Granted, we only have 2 producers in AOMG (Cha Cha and Gray) so all the artists have to wait for their turn to release some music so it was great getting something new from her since her last album release. The song has yet to grow on me unlike Loco and Jay’s songs which I immediately fell in love with on the first listen, but I’m positive that I’ll grow more attached to the song as I continue to listen to the song. Of course, Hoody’s vocals are that of an angel and I’m just excited that she’s back with another song. The music video is cute, pretty, and fresh — just in time to commemorate the end of summer.

Not to forget that all the title tracks were made by the one and only Cha Cha Malone which is not a surprise. In fact, knowing that it was Cha Cha who produced the song before even listening to the actual track reassures me that the song will be good no matter what. I enjoy all of Cha Cha’s songs regardless of whether I’m aware ahead of time that he had produced the tracks or not. He’s a genius producer and I appreciate him and the rest of AOMG for making such good music. Talented artists in a talented label indeed.

Source: M2 @ youtube, AOMGOFFICIAL @ youtube, xmixandmatchx

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