Hoya to leave INFINITE + Woollim Entertainment


Aww nooo. Hoya – widely known as a member of boy group INFINITE – has decided to not renew his contract with Woollim Entertainment and therefore will be leaving the group.

While his reasons for doing so are unknown, Hoya did not renew his contract with Woollim Entertainment unlike the rest of the members who all re-signed with Woollim. Inspirits and fans of INFINITE alike are sad at the update despite some having seen it coming the past few months with INFINITE’s hiatus. Hoya has been slowly entering the acting industry, having done a few acting gigs and projects while as a member of INFINITE so he probably wanted to do something different from what he’s done the past seven years with INFINITE.


Whatever his reasons for leaving are, we respect his decision and will still support him and INFINITE. Having been a fan of INFINITE since their debut, this news does come as a surprise for me just because I remember watching them grow and become more popular over the duration of their career. It did make me confused when Woollim stopped capitalizing on their success and stopped giving them comebacks just because they were so big and were widely known as one of those groups that started out small and became successful.

It’s unfortunate that another K-Pop group has suffered some kind of change one way or another with the contract renewals. This last generation of groups has been impacted quite a bit with some having disbanded (2NE1 & SISTAR) or some having gone through group changes (Highlight & f(x)). I’m really missing the 2nd generation K-Pop groups mainly because I was there when they all debuted. I still like K-Pop and enjoy watching my bias groups and listening to their music, but I do have to admit that things just aren’t the same anymore and it breaks my heart to hear these type of news about the 2nd generation groups.


Thank you to INFINITE and Hoya for all the hard work and effort that y’all have put in your music, shows, performances, and much much more. While I started out as an Inspirit and eventually transitioned to just being a casual fan, I’ll never forget the impact that y’all made on me. Best wishes to both INFINITE and Hoya’s futures.

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