Happy 21st Birthday to BTS’s loving and adorable maknae Jeon Jungkook!

jjeonguk @ tumblr

This is my first birthday appreciation post in a while (I think I last did it for Jimin maybe 2 years ago?) and for a good reason: today is BTS’s maknae Jungkook’s 21st birthday (20 internationally but 21 domestically)! I just wanted to give him a little shout-out and celebrate this special special day with him.

Jungkook isn’t my bias in BTS (obviously), but I will always have a special spot in my heart for him. I was there when he was a teenager, having debuted at the young age of 15. Fast forward 4 years later and he’s grown so much as a 20-year old. In a way, I will always see and remember him as BTS’s maknae more than anything and a part of me also feels like a proud mother watching her baby grow up. I watched him transition from a quiet, shy, and awkward teenager during BTS’s debut to a full-on confident, talented, and improving young adult now. A part of me is sad because he’s grown so much and he knows so much now; he’s out-going and loud and talkative and funny and he makes his hyungs laugh all the time. He’s changed a lot over the years for the better. As much as he’s changed personality wise, he’s also grown and improved musically and artistically as a member of BTS. He was always the main vocalist from the start and he still is now (more so than ever), but he’s improved in the way he sings, performs, and dances.


Jungkook is such a talented and adorable person and although he might stress the other members out in a jokingly way, at the very bottom of his heart he has a looooottttt of love for them and cares for them deeply. On the outside, fans seem him as the Maknae who is a meme king and loves to joke around and have fun and do wild and ridiculous things, but we also know him as the youngest member who takes care of his brother-like members and listens to them well. I often say and think this, but Jungkook is a kid at heart and he’s an innocent, naive, and kind kid who still has a lot to learn as he gets older.

LOOK AT HIMMMM. This was when fetus Jungkook went to LA pre-debut for some dancing lessons 😦

If there was one characteristic or trait about Jungkook that I love and appreciate the most, it would undoubtedly be his hard-working mentality that he carries with him everywhere he goes for everything that he does. He works so hard and he pours all his efforts into anything that he does. Whether it’d be singing, performing, dancing or other hobbies like surfing, playing the drums, or learning Japanese just to name a few, he always tries his best and he doesn’t give up so easily. To him, he challenges himself and he always want to be better at things and improve on his skills and abilities. There are many many things that I love about our Jungkook, but I think his willingness to learn and improve and how hard-working he is in doing that is what I enjoy the most about Jungkook. He never settles for less and he does what he puts his mind into. Sometimes he doesn’t like giving up so much that he keeps going and he tries too much or too hard which can be overwhelming and as a fan you ponder why he’s trying so hard, but this trait is one of his biggest strengths.

Jungkook is my second bias in BTS (after Jimin) and I’m pretty confident that he will never take over Jimin (it’s been 4+ years now and Jimin has remained at the top), but I have very fond memories of him and that’s why he remains second on my bias list. He’s incredibly dorky and quirky, he loves making faces and doing things that are meme-worthy, he’s extra as hell, and sometimes he can be a lil shit to his older members, but at the end of the day, he’s a kid at heart and he loves making others happy.

credit: yourpinkpill @ tumblr

Now that he’s 20 years old, he’s officially a young adult (he was an adult since he turned 18 but ya know what I mean.. he’s entered the 20’s) so I hope that he’ll continue to be just as hard-working as he was and always has been. I hope that he’ll remain happy and healthy and that he continues to soar even higher than he is right now and achieve a lot more success individually and with BTS. I’m proud of our little kid who used to be so shy and awkward and quiet but who has now transitioned into being the most annoying, loud, and embarrassing child.


You’ve grown up a lot Jungkook. I’m proud of you. Please never change and stay as you are right now. Thanks for always making me laugh, cry, roll my eyes, and everything else in between. Thanks for being so courageous and brave, having moved from your hometown of Busan to Seoul in pursuit of your dreams. You’re a talented and gifted individual and I hope that one day you get to achieve your goals and dreams. I hope you enjoy your 21st birthday and get to spend it with your loved ones because you absolutely deserve it. But also, please don’t grow up too too fast okay? 😦


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