[Discuss Away!] Age of Youth 2 ep 3-6

Oof. The heartbreak and pain was real in episodes 3-6 of 'Age of Youth 2.' If there's anything about the show that I appreciate and enjoy the most, it would definitely be its ability to portray such raw characters who breathe so much life in whatever they do. There's a realistic portrayal in our characters [...]

BTS to collaborate with The Chainsmokers for their upcoming comeback

Oh boy. I was not expecting this at all. It was recently announced that BTS will be collaborating with duo The Chainsmokers for their upcoming comeback. The duo helped with the production of the album track titled 'Best of Me' along with the rap line of BTS. While I'm not the biggest fan of The [...]

BTS releases the rest of the album concept photos for their comeback

Yesterday BTS blessed us all with some concept photos from the 'L' and 'O' versions of their albums so they continued the blessings by teasing us with concept photos from the 'V' and 'E' versions of the albums, completing the teaser pictures series for all 4 versions of their albums. 'V' and 'E' have such [...]