Highlight’s Ki Kwang obviously knows what I like with his latest solo comeback

Highlight (whether as BEAST or Highlight) has never disappointed me and Ki Kwang’s latest solo comeback is no exception.

The Highlight member had his last solo debut as AJ which was 8 years ago. Before debuting in BEAST, Ki Kwang first debuted as a solo artist under the name AJ and then made his debut in BEAST later on that year in October. Now he’s finally back with another solo comeback and I’m so happy that we get something new from him. His solo comeback did not disappoint.

Upon watching the first 30 seconds of the MV, I was already in love with the song and MV. And this isn’t even because I’m a Light (fan of Highlight) that I found myself in love with the song. The song is just super good in general. It’s simple, chill, fun, and easy to follow along and listen to. Combine this with Ki Kwang’s soft vocals and you get a nice track to listen to. The MV itself was simple with shots of Ki Kwang displaying his visuals and face and then in other shots of him dancing to the slick choreography to the title track. Overall, ‘What You Like’ was fun and great to watch and listen to and Ki Kwang obviously knows what I like because I really liked this solo comeback.

Ki Kwang is probably really nervous about this solo comeback since it’ll be his first solo comeback since Highlight’s new start this year and since it’ll be 8 years since we last saw him solo. I’m just super happy to have him back and to have Highlight back in general. Since they’ve separated from CUBE the members have been able to explore their music careers and do more of what they’ve always wanted to do. This freedom and individuality can definitely be sensed and seen since the members’ return as Highlight so it’s nice and refreshing to see them more often the past few months since the last few years that they’ve been as BEAST.

Listen to the rest of the album if you haven’t yet (GIRIBOY PRODUCED ONE OF THE ALBUM TRACKS AND LIL BOI FEATURED ON THE TRACK. THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME)! All the songs are super good to listen to and another great part is that they’re short and straight-forward. Highlight once again hits the jackpot again with Ki Kwang’s solo comeback. I can’t wait to see what they have in store in the future for fans.

P.S.: Also, here’s my reaction video to the MV if anyone is interested (lol excuse my shameless promoting)

Source: KPOP BLOG @ youtube, OFFICIAL HIGHLIGHT @ youtube

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