B.A.P. is on a honeymoon in their latest comeback

Oh B.A.P., what would K-Pop be without you?

The 6-member boy group made their latest comeback with title track ‘Honeymoon’ and call me obsessed but I’ve been listening to this song non-stop since its release.

This has to probably be my favorite B.A.P. title track since their return from their hiatus/post-lawsuit. Not that I didn’t enjoy their title tracks prior, but they were just passable for me and not enough for me to keep wanting to listen to them. It’s unfortunate because I had enjoyed almost every single release, album, and side tracks that B.A.P. released prior to their lawsuit and then with their return it became more difficult for me to get into their new music. Whether that’s because their hiatus prompted me to fall in love with new groups (aka BTS) or to become occupied with other things, I had a hard time getting back into B.A.P.’s music.

But it seems like with their latest album ‘BLUE’, things might change. If B.A.P. continues this route and continues to make music like they did with ‘BLUE’ I might return to listening to them as often as I did when they first debuted.

I usually don’t care to check for MV teasers/trailers because I rather just wait for the full release than die waiting after having seen the teaser, but I watched the teasers to ‘Honeymoon’ and… yes… I regretted it. It was hard having to wait and I was counting down the days for the full release of the MV. ‘Honeymoon’ is such a good track and the whistling in the background especially sticks to you. The two other side tracks – though not as strong and catchy as ‘Honeymoon – are also solid b-side tracks.

Please give ‘Honeymoon’ a listen and support B.A.P. if you haven’t yet. The title track is my favorite yet from B.A.P. post-lawsuit and one of the top promotional tracks overall from B.A.P. The boys have come back with another amazing and beautiful concept and you won’t regret it. I promise.

Source: TSENT2008 @ youtube, ThanhnamKoreanMP3 @ youtube

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