DAY6 continues their monthly releases with September’s release ‘I Loved You’

Yay for new music from talented DAY6. You can always rely on the JYP band for new and amazing music and September’s track did not fail to impress.

DAY6 continued their promotions of releasing new music monthly and September’s new track is called ‘I Loved You.’ The track probably has to be one of my more favorable tracks out of the 9 promotional tracks they’ve released so far. Although I acknowledge the talent that DAY6 possesses and flaunts to the rest of the world, I wasn’t really feeling the last 2 releases from them so I’m glad that this month’s track is getting me back into listening to them again.

Other than being happy that DAY6 has been releasing new music every month, it also seems like all the hard work they’ve been putting into doing this has been paying off. The band has been performing at more and more concerts and festivals over the course of the past few months. While the group won’t be doing the monthly releases forever (I think I read somewhere that the group plans on stopping next year), they have achieved success with this new marketing strategy and I’m going to miss seeing them release new MV’s and songs every month when they stop.

Source: jypentertainment @ youtube

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