Lee Min-ki returns to dramaland with ‘Because This is my First Life’ with Jung So-min

Yay for more Lee Min-ki! Seems like we won’t have to wait any longer for Lee Min-ki’s return to dramaland as his new upcoming project is Korean drama ‘Because This is my First Life’ starring him and Jung So-min.

It seems like the new drama will be a fun (and painful because of how accurate it can be) one to watch. Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min are both dealing with their own issues in regards to housing with Lee Min-ki owning a house but not really owning it because of all the mortgage he has to pay while Jung So-min is the opposite in that she doesn’t have a house. It is then where she meets Lee Min-ki and they become housemates.

The set-up sounds fun and interesting to watch. If done right, the drama should allow for lots of comedy and romance, but also give viewers insight on the difficult housing situation that many face around the world. The drama has the potential to be fun, witty, quirky, and funny as well as serious in shining light on issues of housing affordability and availability. Even if the drama doesn’t necessary go over those issues much, I think I’d still enjoy it simply for the fact that it’s Lee Min-ki and I’ve missed seeing him on my screen considering the last thing I saw him in was Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

‘Because This is My First Life’ is set to premiere on tvN on October 9, 2017.

Source: tvN drama @ youtube

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