G. Soul returns with new EP ‘Circles’

It seems like 2017 is G. Soul’s year to shine as the R&B singer from H1GHR Music just recently returned with a new EP titled ‘Circles.’

The EP consists of 6 tracks overall including already released singles ‘Bad Habits’ as well as my personal favorite from him ‘Tequila’ featuring AOMG’s Hoody. To complete the release of his new album, G. Soul released a new MV for one of the album tracks ‘Can’t.’ (Speaking of ‘Bad Habits‘, I gave the song a listen for the first time not too long ago… and um yeah, this is definitely going to be the song I listen to non-stop for the next few weeks).

(my personal favorite track from G. Soul)

I’m glad that G. Soul is getting a lot more opportunities this year musically just because he had such limited chances to shine back when he was signed with JYP. Ironically we saw more of him this year alone than we did in all the years he was with JYP. He was widely known as the guy who trained with JYP for almost a decade only to finally make his long-awaited and anticipated debut and then be failed by JYP Entertainment in maintaining all that hype that was built around him. JYP Entertainment is not the best at managing their solo artists let alone their groups so I’m glad that G. Soul is given a second opportunity at reviving his career by signing with H1GHR Music. Seems like Co-CEO’s Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone have been doing their jobs correctly as we’ve been seeing G. Soul quite often here and there whether that’d be in collaborations with other artists or through the releases of his own music.

This is truly G. Soul’s year to shine and he’s been in the spotlight ever since his debut with H1GHR Music. All the success and love he’s been getting is well-deserved as the guy is talented and blessed with a voice that is unlike any other.

Source: H1GHR Music @ youtube, neofuego @ youtube

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