BTS to collaborate with The Chainsmokers for their upcoming comeback


Oh boy. I was not expecting this at all.

It was recently announced that BTS will be collaborating with duo The Chainsmokers for their upcoming comeback. The duo helped with the production of the album track titled ‘Best of Me’ along with the rap line of BTS.

While I’m not the biggest fan of The Chainsmokers (I’ve given a few of their tracks some listens and they’re okay), I’m hoping that this collaboration won’t be a wasteful one. The Chainsmokers are popular, but their songs sound similar to each other so I’m afraid that ‘Best of Me’ will sound like all them other Chainsmokers songs. The only hope that I’m hanging on to is the fact that the rap line also participated in the production of this track so knowing how talented (and picky) they are about their music, I don’t think this collaboration will disappoint. Or at least I hope not.

It’s a good thing that the collaboration is for a side track and not the title track. I’m already quite disappointed with this news, but I can put up with it simply for the fact that the collaboration is just for an album track that included the participation of the BTS members and not the title track. Would I have liked it better had the collaboration not been on the album? Definitely. Lol. Am I really surprised that the two groups collaborated? Not really because they were seen at the BBMA’s together so talks of a collaboration was definitely up in the air. But who knows, maybe things will turn out okay and both BTS and The Chainsmokers will receive recognition for this collaboration.

BTS is set to make their comeback on September 18 (JUST 10 MORE DAYS Y’ALL. 10 MORE DAYS OF TORTURE AND WAITING).

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