Choco Bank: Episode 3 recap

Hi everyone! So I know this has been so overdue for such a long time, but I thought I would resume and complete my recaps on Korean drama 'Choco Bank.' I had started recaps on the drama more than a year ago, but stopped due to inactivity. I'm back now and I'm planning on finishing [...]

G. Soul returns with new EP ‘Circles’ It seems like 2017 is G. Soul's year to shine as the R&B singer from H1GHR Music just recently returned with a new EP titled 'Circles.' The EP consists of 6 tracks overall including already released singles 'Bad Habits' as well as my personal favorite from him 'Tequila' featuring AOMG's Hoody. To complete the [...]

BTS releases album concept photos for ‘Love Yourself: HER’ comeback

(the 'O' version of their album) AHHHH SO SOFT. SOOOO SOFT. SO FRAGILE. SO BEAUTIFUL. BTS released their first set of album concept photos for comeback 'Love Yourself: HER' and omg, they're all so so pretty. They truly are proving to be the visual kings because THEY. ARE. ALL. SO. PRETTY. I don't even have [...]

Lee Min-ki returns to dramaland with ‘Because This is my First Life’ with Jung So-min Yay for more Lee Min-ki! Seems like we won't have to wait any longer for Lee Min-ki's return to dramaland as his new upcoming project is Korean drama 'Because This is my First Life' starring him and Jung So-min. It seems like the new drama will be a fun (and painful because of how [...]

First teaser for Lee Jong-suk and Suzy’s drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ released This one's going to be a popular one and if because of anything it's primarily due to the leads Lee Jong Suk and Suzy. The first teaser to anticipated Korean drama 'While You Were Sleeping' was just released recently and gives us the first glimpses of Lee Jong Suk and Suzy as a pair [...]

B.A.P. is on a honeymoon in their latest comeback Oh B.A.P., what would K-Pop be without you? The 6-member boy group made their latest comeback with title track 'Honeymoon' and call me obsessed but I've been listening to this song non-stop since its release. This has to probably be my favorite B.A.P. title track since their return from their hiatus/post-lawsuit. Not that I [...]