Welcome Back: What Happened to K-Popcorn?!

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Hello hello everyone! It has been a while hasn’t it?! You’re probably wondering what has happened to K-Popcorn (aka MaryMeKpop) and I am here to tell you all about it in this post.

As you can obviously see and will see, I’ve made quite some changes to this blog with the most noticeable being a new theme/layout! When I was in the middle of revamping this blog, I was searching for new themes and was trying to customize them to make this blog so new like you’ve never seen before. There were quite a few themes that I liked and I had the hardest time finally picking one, but I think this new one is the most fitting for this new shift so I hope that y’all like it (because I do!).


Over the past few weeks and months, I’ve been trying to brainstorm and come up with new ways I can improve this blog to make it a lot more engaging and fun. While there is only one of me and therefore the posts and things that I can do are limited, I also want to attempt many things and ideas (some that are new). With that being said, there are new features and aspects that you can look forward to seeing more often here on K-Popcorn including but not limited to:

  • Korean variety show recaps: yes yes, the one thing that you want but probably never get. Since I love watching Korean variety shows on my free time anyways, I thought.. well why not just recap them too? Before my excuse would have been because of time and although my excuse STILL is time, I wanted to try it at least. Variety show episodes are a little bit longer than dramas, but they are also much funner and more entertaining so I’m hoping it won’t be that bad. Examples of variety shows that you can expect recaps of are Running Man (my favorite), Infinity Challenge, Return of Superman, 1 Night 2 Days, and Happy Together. Unfortunately, most of those shows are on hiatus right now due to the KBS and MBC strikes that has been happening for a weeks now. Until the shows return with new episodes, I will just recap ‘Running Man’ for now.
  • #Let’sTalk series: You might have seen a few posts with this tag already, but I also wanted to discuss about more serious and controversial topics within the Korean entertainment industry other than just posting about K-Pop and Korean dramas. My posts so far have primarily been about BTS, but I also hope to expand on different topics. I think it’s important to be critical about the Korean entertainment industry as much fun as it can be (as with everything else) and really learn to reflect on the music and dramas that we’re consuming and enjoying. Not everything is rainbows and unicorns, not everything will be black and white.
  • Podcasts/Vlogs: I’ve only done 2 podcasts so far and I had wanted to do at least one every month, but I stopped in September since I got busy and just never got around to it. I actually have recordings for a podcast, but the clips are super old and outdated (they were from 2 months ago and was supposed to be the podcast for September). I also wanted to do vlogs because I know that’s more popular and trendy, but I’m not so sure yet which platform I want to keep with. Which platform would y’all prefer that I do?
  • Korean drama recaps: Like how I’ve done in the past, I will continue to recap dramas. The thing that’s always the most difficult for me is that I’m picky about my dramas. I tend to get bored and dissatisfied quite easily with dramas so if it’s not doing its job for me then I tend to drop it. I think that’s why I’m afraid to recap dramas because I’ve tried recapping dramas in the past on this blog and then I drop them because it just got too bad or boring for me so I stop recapping them (which is so unprofessional and bad on my part). It’s difficult to find a drama where I’ll want to watch it in the first place and then where I’ll want to keep watching it until the end. There are good ones out there, but like I said: I’m picky about my dramas and the cast so I might not pick up all the dramas. I’ll work on this though. Hehe.
  • Korean movie reviews: I don’t do too many reviews on Korean movies. It wasn’t something that I focused on as much with this blog and I think there’s really only been like 2-3 movie reviews on this blog since its existence. This is something that I want to do more of, but I’m not making it a priority for now since Korean dramas, shows, and music will already be time-consuming enough. But who knows, if I have the time and there’s movies that are blowing up and are interesting, I’ll do a review and even recaps of them.


Other tags and categories that I’ve been posting on here but just never really had the time to explain to you are:

  • Discuss Away: I usually use this tag to talk about certain episodes of dramas or shows I’m watching that are currently airing (for example, I just had some posts with this tag for ‘Because This Life is Our First’ and ‘Mad Dog’). Discuss Away is different from ‘What Mary Thinks’ in that it’s a lot more discussion based and will happen over the course of a few weeks. Feel free to comment and chime in on what you think or how you feel about a certain drama or show. I’ll also use this tag for shows I’m watching such as Korean variety shows or competition shows like ‘Show Me the Money.’
  • What Mary Thinks: This tag is more of a one-time kind of post about some show, movie, song, or drama that I’ve watched. It’s just usually my first impression about something that I’ve watched and listened to.
  • #ListentoThis: I haven’t been keeping up with this as much lately, but I have used this tag in the past on this blog. #ListentoThis is my way of recommending songs to y’all that y’all might not have known or listened to yet. Over the years my interests in music has expanded and now I also listen to Korean hip-hop, R&B, rap, indie, rock and not just K-Pop. If there’s a song that I like, I want to share it with y’all and hope that y’all will like it too. I’m always listening to new songs everyday and there are days where I find tracks I really like and can listen endlessly to. Why not share it with y’all so that we can all listen to the track together and enjoy it too? 🙂


I’ve just been waiting for the right time to launch the new and updated version of the blog. I think the best time is now when the school quarter is starting to slow down for me and I transition into winter break which means more time to post and spend on this blog. I really want to do a lot more with this blog, but often find myself struggling to keep up with it unfortunately. Hopefully I can get into the routine of having my life together and learning how to balance everything out so that I can be a lot more active on this blog like how I used to be.

Feel free to comment any time with suggestions, requests, and constructive criticism of this blog. It’s been a while since I’ve last had anyone comment on any of my posts so it gets quite lonely here sometimes. I know this could be due to the lack of posts and activity on this blog the past few months, but with this new change in the blog hopefully things will start picking up again and y’all will participate more. Don’t be afraid to comment or to make requests. If there’s a movie, show, or drama that you want me to recap or post about, ask me! I actually invite and welcome you to talk to me! I love talking to new people and hearing what others have to say about the topics that I’m also interested about. This is a community here and you are more than welcomed to be here and stay here.

With 2017 coming to a close in just a month and 2018 already almost here, let’s end this year with a bang and start the next year with a hit. Are you ready to join me on this journey?

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