Some things are inevitable: Korean celebrity couple break-ups

It’s always bittersweet when you hear about Korean celebrity couples breaking up whether it’s because being friends was the better decision or because they got too busy with their careers.

There was a line of recent break-ups within the Korean actor-actress industry including Lee Min-ho and Suzy and Joo-won and BoA. Other Korean actor and actresses who also broke up earlier into the year includes Nam Joo-hyuk and Lee Sung-kyung among some others.

Lee Min-ho and Suzy has always been an interesting couple to me, both in the way that they became a couple and then also in the way that they broke up. While I didn’t care too much for the former couple, I did think it was adorable in the way that they would spend time with each other secretly and not be too public about their dates and moments and whatnot. They were just enjoying their relationship with each other as much as possible without trying to get caught and to me that was nice to see. The two had been dating for 2 years before deciding to call it quits in November because of personal reasons. Lee Min-ho and Suzy are both charming and popular people individually and even if they don’t last, I’m confident that they will both find someone else to love and spend time with. I was surprised at how they became a couple because I wasn’t too sure if the two had connections to each other at first. I had never recalled seeing the two together before so when I first heard that they were dating I was surprised (but then it made sense after a while because they’re sort of in the same industry somewhat). I do have to note though that Lee Min-ho and Suzy are at two very different phases in their life primarily influenced by their age. Suzy is still very young and she’s yet to cease growing and becoming more popular. Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho is a little bit more older and is nearing that age where he might want to get married or start looking into potential partners who he could marry. I’m not sure if Suzy would want to marry him so early into her career where she’s still growing and blossoming because it could potentially hold her back. While they might have been adorable as a couple, I can understand why they didn’t last for as long as they themselves or fans might have wanted them to which isn’t always a bad thing. It is bittersweet, but maybe this was the best outcome for them.

Joo Won and BoA was also reported to have broken up earlier in November. Unlike Lee Min-ho and Suzy, the two had only been dating since last year but was able to find interest in each other at first due to common interests and hobbies. BoA and Joo Won is another couple that I was surprised at because I just could not find the connection between the two. BoA is more well-known as a singer than an actress (although she’s been venturing into acting quite lately) while Joo Won is an actor. I was surprised but happy for the both of them (especially Joo Won my baby) so when the reports of them breaking up was released I was even more surprised. It’s probably because he’s in the military right now so it’s difficult for the two to meet up and spend time with each other that lead them to break up which is unfortunate. I do think the two were genuinely interested and happy with each other, but the timing was just wrong. Maybe they can give themselves a second try and chance at love again once Joo Won is released from the military. I can understand why they broke up, but I also am flustered because like it’s Joo freaking Won! It’s Joo Won! When will you have the chance to be with someone like Joo Won ever again?! Haha. I’d wait for him even if that means waiting two years. Lol, I’m just kidding. But still, November is a sad month for Korean celebrity couples who broke up for a variety of reasons.

I’m just waiting to see who the next couple is going to be. Maybe we’ll start off the new year with some new reports and pictures of a new couple. Until then, we shall wait.

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