Seo In-guk and Park Bo-ram confirmed to be dating!

Woo ho ho, talk about new couples. Just a few days ago I wrote about the break-up of a few Korean celebrity couples and now we have news about the birth of a new couple.

It was confirmed and revealed just recently that actor-singer Seo In-guk (King of Shopping Louie) and singer Park Bo-ram were dating. The two have been dating for 1 year and 6 months and became close after the passing of Bo-ram’s parents last year where Seo In-guk remained close to her and helped her through the difficult times.

Both were contestants on popular competition show Superstar K and have a seven year age gap (he was born in 1987 and she was born in 1994). While this news came as a surprise to me at first, I’m also not really surprised that they’re dating now that I think about it. As both are singers, they must have had some type of connection to each other in a way.

Netizen reactions to this news wasn’t so positive (but I mean, when are their reactions actually positive?) which doesn’t come as a surprise. For my personal opinion, I’ve been a casual fan of Seo In-guk’s ever since I saw him in ‘High School King of Saavy’ and not ‘Reply 1997’ like most people did. While I don’t catch up with him as much now and am not that big of a fan of his now, I’m happy for him nonetheless. Park Bo-ram is a singer who I’ve known about, but the most I’ve ever done with her is listen to her debut song ‘Beautiful’ featuring Block B’s Zico and then check out her latest music because of her debut song which I loved. She hasn’t done much to impress me ever since though and I think it might unfortunately stay that way for a long time.

Congratulations to the two! In this day and age in the Korean entertainment world, it’s not easy to maintain a relationship for that long so kudos to the couple and hopefully they can maintain a simple and healthy relationship for as long as they want.

Source: CJENMMUSIC @ youtube

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