YG to debut a new girl group next year in 2018


Oh YG, I don’t know what I’m going to do with you… or what you’re going to do with your current artists and groups.

It makes me angry and frustrated when I think about YG just because he has such poor and outdated management. I’m not really sure what is going on in that head of his or in his company, but there needs to be some change.

YG announced that he’s on planning to debut a new girl group next year in 2018 even though his last group BLACKPINK just debuted in 2016 and haven’t even released a full album yet. Other artists and groups in YG like iKon, WINNER, and Lee Hi haven’t had the most luck in promotions and albums either with WINNER finally returning this year (with hit songs I might say) and then iKON and Lee Hi popping up here and there and no where. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t utilize all the potential and talent that the artists and groups inside of his label has because if he just invested in each of them a little bit more than now (which is not a lot to begin with), he would probably be making more money and success and so would his artists and groups. I am angry for those in his company because even I – who is just a casual listener and definitely not a YG stan – can see just how much talent they all have that isn’t being showcased or utilized when it should be and I know that YG will probably never given them many chances to showcase them. I want WINNER and Lee Hi to be let out of the dungeon and to leave YG altogether. They deserve better.


YG still unfortunately carries the same mindset and mentality that he did many years ago which is the idea that he doesn’t need to promote his artists and groups because they will still sell regardless and make money which is unfortunately true. He’s still part of the Top 3, his groups still sell and make money when they release music, and are still popular regardless of whether they’re being promoted or not. There are still many many YG stans around the world who will give him what he wants even when they and their bias groups deserve better. Hopefully YG will come to changing his way of thinking and realize that having that YG label and name attached to you will not last forever. There are many more groups that are debuting or rising to the top and there’s so much more competition nowadays. If he wants to keep his groups at the top, he’s gotta find new ways to keep them there or else other groups are going to overthrow them.

While I’m not a fan of BLACKPINK, I still think they deserve better. BLACKPINK only got one song this year and the members have often complained about not doing much. I see them around with photoshoots and magazines and a few concerts here and there which I think is cool, but what are they doing musically? It’s ironic how YG gave them many activities and songs last year, but totally just dropped them this year. I’m not surprised at how he’s treated BLACKPINK though because we’ve seen him do all of this with his last artists and groups. It’s actually commonly known for YG to mistreat all his artists and groups like this and just throw them into the YG dungeon so to see that happen with BLACKPINK doesn’t come as a surprise unfortunately either.


I don’t understand what it is with all these K-pop companies failing to manage their current artists and groups so they just go ahead and debut new ones hoping that things will miraculously change and that their artists and groups will become popular. Most of the times, this failure in success comes internally from within the company and not from the outside. So while yes, there are lots of competition and the Korean music industry is oversaturated these days, if Korean entertainment companies are going to be spending so much money to debut new groups they need to either have the funds and resources to do so or be smart in how they manage and promote their groups so that they’re profiting instead of losing. Often times, K-pop companies just want to debut groups with hope at a shot of success, but unless you’re smart like Big Hit (who started with nothing but then was smart in the way they managed and promoted BTS) or have money like SM Entertainment, then you’re bound to be doomed.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if YG doesn’t debut the girl group next year like he says he plans on doing. BLACKPINK was supposed to debut a few years back, but wasn’t finalized until 2016. We might actually not get to see a new group from YG until a few years from now if we’re lucky and I think we would all be okay with that.

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