BLACKPINK and iKON to make a comeback in January of 2018


Wow, what ironic timing. Just when I posted an article about how YG was planning on debuting a new girl group next year in 2018 (which probably won’t happen according to YG’s calendar), he also revealed that BLACKPINK and iKON will be coming back in January to kick off the new year.

As with all his other announcements and news, I usually don’t trust anything YG says until there’s actual proof that his artists and groups are coming back (aka, an official teaser is released). While we did see iKON and BLACKPINK in 2017, it was only once and for a short amount of time. iKON finally made a comeback with ‘Bling Bling’ and ‘B-DAY’ but that didn’t last too long and BLACKPINK’s only song in 2017 was ‘As If It’s Your Last.’ For having consistently promoted the girl group their debut year, you would think that YG would take advantage of the huge fanbase BLACKPINK managed to build themselves in such a short amount of time and continue to promote the girl group in 2017 but as expected, he didn’t.


iKON hasn’t had that much luck in Korea either. Their primary schedules consist of tours in Japan and because the amount of music that they’ve put out hasn’t been updated or increased, this limits them in the songs and performances they put on. I can see why YG would place iKON primarily in Japan since that’s where they’re making the most profit, but it wouldn’t kill to have iKON promote in Korea a few more times each year.

While not a huge of either groups, I think we can all agree that both groups have been starved of new good songs and proper promotional periods in Korea. Although I’m not sure why he would want to promote both groups in the same month when there are so many other times he could have better promoted them (the one time they’re finally making a comeback, they both make a comeback in the same month? seriously? lol), hopefully YG keeps his words and actually lets both groups out of the dungeon.

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