Day: July 13, 2018

  • To. Jenny: Episode 1 Recap

    What happens when a former girl group member and a part-timer at a convenience store bond over music and guitar lessons? The possibilities are endless and their love for music grows stronger. Kim Sung-cheol and Jung Chae-yeon star in this 2-episode KBS drama titled ‘To. Jenny’ about a young man named Jung-min who helps his…

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  • Miss Hammurabi: Episode 15 recap

    EEEEK, this episode is way too cute and adorable and refreshing I couldn’t stop squealing every two minutes. Oh-reum has plenty of enemies and people who want her to fall and break and quit, but there are also plenty of supporters who care for her and want her to succeed. This episode is focused on…

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  • Miss Hammurabi: Episode 14 recap

    Oof, hang on tight folks. This episode is a hard one to watch and I know I say this about pretty much every episode, but I mean it twice as much with this one. As we enter our finale, our strong and confident Oh-reum is put to the test and although she has the support…

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