Lee Min-ki and Seo Hyun-jin cast as leads in the drama version of ‘The Beauty Inside’

YAAAAAS. YAAAAS. YAAAAAAAAAAS. I can already tell this drama is going to be great because of the two leads!! I’M SO EXCITED.

Anyways, some of y’all might remember the Korean movie ‘Beauty Inside’ starring Han Hyo-joo who basically was in love with the same person who just had a different face and body everyday. Now there’s going to be a Korean drama version of the infamous movie starring the amazing and talented Lee Min-ki and Seo Hyun-jin! Seo Hyun-jin will play Han Se-kye (basically the character of ‘Woo-jin’ from the movie) who’s a troublesome and mysterious actress. Every week of every month her appearance changes into a different person and she appears as someone new. Lee Min-ki will be Seo Do-jae who is an executive of an airline company. He has a bad memory and can’t seem to recognize faces easily except for Han Se-kye who he does easily recognize.


Reading the plot is so interesting because I’m not sure how Lee Min-ki’s character will recognize Han Se-kye’s ever-changing face and physical appearance. I think it’ll be fun and fascinating to watch this go down. Regardless, I’m just so excited to discover that both actors will be in this project. I’ve always generally been a fan of Lee Min-ki and have always had a soft spot for him since his short but impactful appearance in ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band.’ His last drama ‘Because This Life is Our First’ was also nice to watch and was overall warm, light, fluffy, and touching. Seo Hyun-jin has always been great but just super underrated until recently where she began to get more popular with works like ‘Another Miss Oh’, ‘Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim’, and ‘Temperature of Love.’ I too have always had a soft spot for her since watching her in ‘The Three Musketeers.’ Both Lee Min-ki and Seo Hyun-jin are superb and amazing actors and I’m super excited to see them together in this drama.

I don’t have a bad impression or opinion of the movie ‘The Beauty Inside.’ I actually still remember some scenes from the movie which speaks a lot considering I have a bad memory and don’t really remember things that don’t stand out to me. ‘The Beauty Inside’ stuck with me though because the plot was just so different and unique and it was so fascinating watching so many actors and actresses play the one character who was Han Hyo-joo’s love interest. The theme of the movie that you should never judge or love a person by their physical appearance was also nice to see. I also remember seeing Yoo Yeon-seok and Park Seo-joon in the movie out of the many cameos and appearances.

Directing the drama will be Song Hyun-wook who Seo Hyun-jin worked with previously for ‘Another Miss Oh.’ The drama version of ‘The Beauty Inside’ will air on JTBC later on this year.

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