Daniel Choi and Park Eun-bin hunt down ghosts and solve mysteries in upcoming drama ‘The Ghost Detective’

Oh you know this already gonna be a good one since the two leads are Daniel Choi (Jugglers) and Park Eun-bin (Age of Youth). I apologize for all the recent casting news, but I just had to write a post about this one too because it's way too good and exciting to pass. In the [...]

R&B artist Crush makes a comeback with new album ‘wonderlost’

Popular R&B singer Crush finally returned with a new album called 'wonderlost' and features artists like Zico, Hoody from AOMG (AKA my queen), Punchnello (AKA my little rap child), and many more. The album consists of five tracks total with 'Cereal' as the title track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=106613NbPQ0 On my first listen with the entire album, 'Cereal' [...]