Daniel Choi and Park Eun-bin hunt down ghosts and solve mysteries in upcoming drama ‘The Ghost Detective’

Oh you know this already gonna be a good one since the two leads are Daniel Choi (Jugglers) and Park Eun-bin (Age of Youth). I apologize for all the recent casting news, but I just had to write a post about this one too because it’s way too good and exciting to pass.

In the upcoming horror/thriller drama, Daniel Choi will be playing Lee Da-Il as a private investigator. He is teamed up with Jung Yeo-wool (Park Eun-bin) and together they will solve mysteries and other crime-related cases, some even involving ghosts.

I’m not a huge fan of ghost dramas just because I never found them appealing and interesting enough to watch (the only exception is ‘Master’s Sun’) so I’m a bit iffy about the plot for this drama. Additionally, I’m afraid this drama will be formulaic and procedural which can either be a hit or miss and a good or bad thing. Some procedural dramas like ‘Miss Hammurabi’ are great, but there are many other procedural dramas out there that are dry and boring. Regardless, you can definitely count on me to check in though because I’m a huge fan of both Daniel Choi and Park Eun-bin, ESPECIALLY Park Eun-bin who I’ve always been a fan of waaaay before many others discovered her.

One of my favorite projects of hers would have to be ‘Operation Proposal’ where she worked with Yoo Seung-ho (BAEEEE). I absolutely loved her in ‘Age of Youth’ although I haven’t seen her latest drama ‘Judge vs. Judge.’ Meanwhile, I’m a little confused on how I became a fan of Daniel Choi because I only recall watching him in ‘Cyrano Agency’ but I’m assuming he was so good in there that I’ve been a fan of his ever since. I’m not so sure how I became his fan or how I came to liking him, but I just do. I watched his first post-army project ‘Jugglers’ and for the most part enjoyed it. I’m super excited that he’s back again with another drama and this time with one of my most favorite actresses. I seriously am so excited for this drama y’all don’t even know. I’m confident that Daniel Choi and Park Eun-bin will deliver with the acting chops so I’m hoping the staff production team will pull through.

The writer for the drama is Han Ji-wan whose only other project is 2016 drama ‘Wanted.’ Meanwhile, the director for the drama will be Lee Jae-hoon who’s directed dramas like ‘Page Turner’ and ‘Good Manager.’ ‘The Ghost Detective’ is slated to air in August 2018 on KBS.

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