R&B artist Crush makes a comeback with new album ‘wonderlost’


Popular R&B singer Crush finally returned with a new album called ‘wonderlost’ and features artists like Zico, Hoody from AOMG (AKA my queen), Punchnello (AKA my little rap child), and many more. The album consists of five tracks total with ‘Cereal’ as the title track.

On my first listen with the entire album, ‘Cereal’ definitely stood out to me the most and it’s actually my favorite out of all the tracks. Next up would have to be ‘Endorphin’ featuring Punchnello and Penemeco. After listening to this album a few times now, my least favorite track would probably be the first track ‘Chill’ featuring SIK-K. It’s just not really my cup of tea.

I occasionally listen to songs by Crush and even if there are a few tracks of his that I’m not necessarily a fan of, I at least check his songs out to see if I’ll like it or not. Crush’s tracks for me are either a hit or miss, but this newest album that he just released would be a hit for me. Definitely enjoying ‘Cereal’ although I’m not so sure how I feel about his blue hair or if Zico’s rap was really necessary. Regardless, Crush has finally returned. It’s always good to see him come around with his smooth-as-butter-vocals.

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