Kim Jung-hyun wants to turn back ‘Time’ in upcoming MBC drama



Kim Jung-hyun (School 2017, Welcome to Waikiki) is finally playing another lead role in his new upcoming melodrama ‘Time’ alongside Seohyun (Bad Thief, Good Thief). After having made Seohyun’s life difficult, he wants to turn back time to when she was the cheerful and happy and upbeat girl that she used to be. Based on the trailers and teasers, the drama seems heavy, dark, and melodramatic which usually isn’t my cup of tea..

But I have to say, KIM JUNG-HYUN LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING IN THIS DRAMA. I’m only judging based on the teasers, but he already looks so great in them. I’ve watched Kim Jung-hyun in School 2017 and Waikiki and the characters he played in there were more wacky, funny, and comedic. Here, he made a 180 degree transformation and is playing a character a lot more serious, dramatic, and emotional. While I do think he has comedic timing, I’m really loving his new character in ‘Time.’ I’ve always actually wanted to see Kim Jung-hyun in a more melodramatic and serious role because I knew that he had the acting chops and skills to pull it off. I’m glad that he’s finally playing that type of character in ‘Time’ because he’s doing a wonderful job and is emoting so well and he suits the angsty and melodramatic vibes.

I’m so excited for the drama because of Kim Jung-hyun, but I am a little hesitant because of Seohyun. She’s not the greatest actress and her acting could be a little limiting so I’m afraid how well she’s going to portray a broken, depressed, and isolated character. Kim Jung-hyun proved to be amazing just with the teasers alone, but I can’t say the same for Seohyun. I’ll give this drama a try and watch the first few episodes and hopefully won’t turn away because of the acting.

‘Time’ airs on MBC starting July 25, 2018.

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