Simon D steps down from position as AOMG’s Co-CEO

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In surprising news relating to the Korean hip-hop industry, Simon D – who most know as rapper and CO-CEO of big Korean hip hop label AOMG (and my personal favorite label) – resigned from his position as the Co-CEO in a new track titled ‘Me No Jay Park.’

Through the song, he unveils all his thoughts and feelings about his position as the Co-CEO, including the pressures and expectations that he faced the last few years that he’s been in the position. He also compares himself to other AOMG CEO Jay Park who is inarguably one of the most hard-working and busiest Korean rappers out there. Jay Park’s been busy building up the AOMG empire, promoting his new label H1GHR Music, and promoting in the United States with his American advancement. In ‘Me No Jay Park’, Simon D basically compares himself to Jay Park and feels inferior to Jay. He also reveals the disgusting and hurtful comments he’s received by others about his performance as the CO-CEO. Many people saw him as lazy and lucky and didn’t think that he was doing much compared to Jay Park. Therefore, with all these pressures and expectations and the constant success of Jay Park, Simon D eventually decided to step down from the position.

If I’m going to be completely honest, I always had to keep reminding myself that Simon D was the Co-CEO of AOMG and I think that’s not because he wasn’t doing anything, but rather because he was doing more of the work behind-the-scenes. He was doing work, but it wasn’t as explicit and direct as Jay Park. Out of the two, Jay Park has always been the representative CEO of AOMG not only because he was the one to have created the label but also because he’s the one who mostly attends AOMG concerts and festivals as well as collaborates with other AOMG artists more so than Simon D does. It’s unfortunate that Simon D received so much flack and negativity during his time as CO-CEO; just because he wasn’t as active as Jay Park or any of the other AOMG artists doesn’t mean that he was lazy or just staying at home doing nothing. It’s even more unfortunate that he was compared endlessly to Jay Park who was flying all over the world, performing at festivals and concerts, and advancing his music career in the United States. Simon D is totally different from Jay Park and there were certain circumstances that he was in that might not have allowed him to be as active and busy as Jay Park. (Plus, Jay Park is just a hustler like that and he’s literally always running everywhere).

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Simon D recently released new music not too long ago and has been in and out of the recording studio for a while now. In his latest appearance on MBC show ‘I Live Alone’, Simon D was also honest and vulnerable about his current situation and the struggles that he’s been facing. It hasn’t been easy for the rapper to promote himself and be active and that’s something that not many people understood. Simon D finally let everything go in the track ‘Me No Jay Park’ which could also be perceived as his resignation letter. Although the rapper has resigned as CO-CEO of AOMG, he is still signed onto the label. While uncertain as to how Simon D’s resignation as CO-CEO will change the operations and relationships in AOMG, his decision to do so is one that is the best for him and hopefully will allow him to live a more stress-free life now than before.

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