Hit or Miss?: Red Velvet’s fan lightstick

Upon news and images of Red Velvet's new fan light stick, some fans expressed either disappointment, indifference, or happiness about the product. The design of the light stick is rather simple, consisting of the initials of the group name 'RV' in red. I don't really care about light sticks. I understand that they're a pretty [...]

Park Bo-young and Kim Young-kwang are each other’s first loves in upcoming romance movie ‘On Your Wedding Day’

AHHHH, teasers and photos are finally out for anticipated romance movie 'On Your Wedding Day' starring Park Bo-Young (Strong Woman Do Bong-soon) and Kim Young-kwang (Lookout). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSUMtOo2L-4 After what seems like a million years of waiting, the first glances into the movie has finally been revealed. Park Bo-young and Kim Young-kwang acted together once back in [...]

#Let’sTalk: B.A.P. performs at their last concert together + future for the TS boy group?

Ahh, it's so unfortunate. Idol boy group B.A.P. - the monster rookies who filed a lawsuit against their agency TS Entertainment a few years ago - recently held their last possible concert together "BAP 2018 Live Limited." There, each of the members thanked the fans and gave a speech to express their gratitude and appreciation [...]