Lee Je-hoon and Chae Soo-bin are leads in upcoming drama ‘Fox Bride Star’

OOOOH, this pairing will be interesting. It was recently confirmed that Lee Je-hoon (Signal, Tomorrow with You) and Chae Soo-bin (I’m Not a Robot, Strongest Deliveryman) will be acting together in their upcoming drama ‘Fox Bride Star.’

Lee Je-hoon plays Lee Soo-yeon, a graduate from KAIST who works at Incheon International Airport. Meanwhile, Chae Soo-bin portrays Han Yeo-reum who also works at the same international airport. As new to the team, she makes many mistake and mishaps and will have to learn to navigate her way with her new position at the airport. The drama will follow the two characters as they continue their jobs at the infamous airport. Rounding out the cast is Lee Dong-gun (7 Day Queen), Kim Ji-soo (Hwarang), Ro-woon of SF9 (School 2017) among many others.

Upon discovering who the two leads were, I was actually very fascinated and interested. Prior to plans with Lee Je-hoon and Chae Soo-bin, there were offers made to two different couples: first Hyun-bin and Park Shin-hye and then Park Bo-gum and Suzy who all denied the project. As star-power and popular as those actors are, I’m actually satisfied with Lee Je-hoon and Chae Soo-bin. The two are very charming and talented actors individually, but I think they will be even more charming as opposites. The last project I watched Lee Je-hoon in was Signal which was overall a strong, amazing, and noteworthy drama. Meanwhile, I’ve watched Chae Soo-bin in Strongest Deliveryman as well as partially in I’m Not a Robot and she’s so good. I find her one of the stronger up and coming actresses so I’m glad that she’s returning as the lead in another drama. I’m also very interested to see Lee Dong-gun in another drama; he was great and wonderful in 7 Day Queen so I’m anticipating his character here.

Fox Bride Star aims to air in October on SBS. Directing the drama series will be Shin Woo-cheol whose other projects include Gu Family Book, Secret Garden, and A Gentlemen’s Dignity. Meanwhile, writing the drama is Kang Eun-kyung whose penned other works like Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim and Gu Family Book. 

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