Jung Joon-young and T-ara’s Jiyeon swept up in dating rumors

Wow. All these dating scandals and rumors after the infamous HyunA and E’Dawn relationship keep getting released or at least resurfacing. Singer and 1N2D cast member Jung Joon-young and T-ara’s Jiyeon were recently swept up in dating rumors with claims that the two have been dating for at least a year. However, the two quickly denied and refuted the rumors. This isn’t the first time that the two have been linked to a relationship as they were also caught in dating rumors last year as well.

While I don’t have any specific opinions about this rumored couple in particular, is it weird that I’m actually glad that there are more (rumored) couples being revealed? Will a world where celebrities can date as they like and not be outed or criticized by the public or their ‘”fans” ever exist? Dating is a normal thing to do and should be normalized. It’ll be difficult in particular for this to happen in K-Pop world where fandoms feel entitled to their idols and rebel when their biases are caught dating someone else other than them. However, I’m hoping the day will arrive when there’ll be peace and fans finally realize that 1) they don’t own their bias groups just because they bought a few albums or went to a few of their events and 2) they’ll probably never get a chance to date or be with their bias group. It might take a few more decades until this occurs, but one can always hope right?

Whether Ji-yeon and Joon-young are a couple or not, I hope they can continue to maintain their relationship with each other. It seems like the two are already doing their own thing without carrying much about what the public thinks so I hope they aren’t too affected by this news.

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