BTS returns with repackage ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ + releases ‘IDOL’ MV

Oh BTS, what have you done? BTS finally released the finale to their 'Love Yourself' series with a new repackage 'Love Yourself: Answer' as well as the MV to their title track 'Idol.' The album consists of two different CD's with selected tracks from both 'Love Yourself: Her' and 'Love Yourself: Tear' as well as [...]

B.A.P.’s Yong Guk leaves TS Entertainment

NOOOOOOO. Contract renewals are a thing in the K-Pop industry and news about groups either renewing or resigning from their agency are expected every seven years. B.A.P. was no exception to this and after seven years of being with TS Entertainment, B.A.P.'s leader and eldest member Yong-guk will be leaving the company. This doesn't come [...]

LOONA makes their highly anticipated debut with ‘Hi High’

After nearly two years of pre-debut projects and activities, rookie girl group Loona has finally made their highly anticipated debut. After a pre-release music video of album track 'favOrite' on August 7, the girl group released their first album '++' and debut MV 'Hi High' on August 20, 2018. As someone who's never followed [...]

Highlight’s Doojoon to enlist in the army on August 24 + ‘Let’s Eat 3’ to conclude early

I don't even know how to write this post. Worst yet, I don't even want to write it. However, I feel like it is my duty as a Light (Highlight's fanclub name) and recapper of 'Let's Eat 3' to update y'all about this. If you haven't heard already, Highlight's Doojoon who's also currently starring as [...]