SUNMI returns with ‘Siren’ for her latest comeback


Almost anything with solo artist Sunmi is bound to be good. Her latest comeback ‘Siren’ definitely does not disappoint.

The former Wonder Girls member turned soloist returned with another album ‘Warning’ plus her title track ‘Siren.’ The MV is similar to her music videos with ‘Gashina’ and ‘Heroine’ with some close-up shots, choreography shots, and some kind of storyline. More importantly, Sunmi looks like a queen in the music video and literally is wearing a crown at the end of the music video to signify that yes, indeed, the queen has returned.

Sunmi also released an album along with her title track titled ‘Warning’ that consists of seven tracks overall. All the new tracks are amazing in their own way, but the intro is probably my favorite. It’s nice to see Sunmi back even as a soloist because she has so much to offer and it’s nice to see her be able to successfully brand herself. Sunmi has always been successful as a soloist since ’24 Hours’ and she followed up that success with ‘Full Moon’ which was one of my favorite solo tracks from her. With ‘Gashina’, she solidified her status as a solo artist once more and ever since has everyone’s eyes on her to anticipate what else she has up her sleeves. While ‘Heroine’ wasn’t my favorite, ‘Siren’ and her album ‘Warning’ is a solid and enjoyable release. I’m really loving the sound she was going with this latest comeback.


It’s safe to say that Sunmi isn’t going anywhere soon. She achieved great success with ‘Gashina’ and has been following up ever since with similar hits. This latest comeback is no exception and showcases once again her talent.

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