MaryMeKpop Announcement: Brief hiatus until next week~

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Hello everyone!

I’ve already been on a hiatus since the past few days but I just wanted to make a formal announcement to let y’all know now. Since I’ll be heading to the BTS concert in LA this weekend (YES! I KNOW! I’M EXCITED!), I won’t be able to update the blog the next few days. There won’t be any posts or if there is, it might just be small music reviews and whatnot. I’m not too sure how this weekend will go and I doubt I will have any free time to post anything so upon further notice, recaps to this week’s episodes of dramas ‘Time’, ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’, and ‘The Ghost Detective’ will be postponed for now (they’ll be up sometime next week).

I hope y’all understand and I also just want to thank you all for visiting the blog and reading the recaps. It means a lot to me. You can expect a post of my experience at the BTS concert here on this blog with lots of photos and videos sometime next week. Look forward to that 🙂

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