Time (시간): Episode 11 Recap


Happily ever after. Does a happily ever after ending exist for Soo-ho and Ji-hyun? Will they get to live happily with each other for the time being? There are many questions about Ji-hyun and Soo-ho’s relationship with each other as they become more public about their relationship. Is it all just a lie or do they really love each other? Is there anything more to their relationship or is it all just merely an act?

Note: I’m back from my trip which means more updates, posts, and recaps this week! No more hiatus for now 🙂

Time (시간): Episode 11 Recap

Ji-hyun meets with Soo-ho and requests another favor from him. He said he would be willing to do anything for her so she wants him to marry her. Though shocked and hesitant at first, Soo-ho eventually gives in. The two even takes pictures together on Ji-hyun’s bed as a first step to prove their new relationship with each other.

Dad questions why Soo-ho and Chae-Ah broke up. Although Soo-ho doesn’t reveal the reasons to Dad, he shares that Dad will find out the reason soon enough. Plus, he doesn’t need to worry about giving up the company to Soo-chul as it’ll never happen. Soo-ho also knows that Dad won’t be able to threaten Soo-ho out of the company as it’ll cause the company a huge loss. After discussing with Soo-ho, Dad contacts Min-seok to find out the reason for Soo-ho and Chae-Ah’s separation.

Ji-hyun meets with Soo-chul and his mom to discuss about Soo-ho. Instead of seeking revenge on Soo-ho like the two assumed she would, Ji-hyun wants to forgive Soo-ho instead for his wrongdoings. She presents to them pictures that she and Soo-ho took together in her bed and reveals that she wants the public to view their relationship with each other in a different light.


Chae-Ah meets with Min-seok, but is hesitant in sharing with him the reason for her break-up with Soo-ho. At that moment, he receives a phone call and is notified about an article that has leaked the photos of Soo-ho and Ji-hyun together in bed. This was Soo-chul and his mom’s doing all along. Through these photos, people will become curious about Soo-ho and search him up. Once their goal of taking him down is achieved, they’ll abandon Ji-hyun afterwards.

Min-seok warns Ji-hyun about her recent actions. W Group won’t leave her alone if she continues with her plans, but Ji-hyun doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. She discovered the truth about her sister’s death and she wants to seek revenge.

Chae-Ah contacts Soo-ho in a state of panic after reading the article and seeing the picture online. Soo-ho agrees to meet with her to talk and even invites Ji-hyun along. Ji-hyun can use him however she likes to get the truth out to the public.

In the meeting with the three of them, Ji-hyun has two requests of Chae-Ah. With Chae-Ah’s power and influence, Ji-hyun wants Chae-Ah to donate some money under Ji-hyun’s name to an organization that helps the underprivileged. Additionally, to explain the reason for the break-up between Chae-Ah and Soo-ho, Ji-hyun wants the public to know about Ji-hyun and Soo-ho’s relationship and to view them as more than just assailant and victim. Chae-Ah can either follow Ji-hyun’s requests and do as she says or continue to fight with Ji-hyun. Ji-hyun wants to be a new person and live a new life. Chae-Ah can help her do that.

Chae-Ah eventually agrees to Ji-hyun’s plans and hosts a press conference at her joint restaurant with Soo-ho. They explain the reason for their break-up and Ji-hyun even intervenes halfway to share about her reasoning for being with Soo-ho. She then adds details about her volunteer work with Soo-ho and Chae-Ah in which they host another press conference to talk about. With Chae-Ah and Soo-ho’s donation to charity, Ji-hyun will ensure that all the funds will be used accordingly. Plus, this will help improve the image and reputation of their foundation. Soo-chul and his mom are also present at the press conference and are reminded of their meeting with Ji-hyun where she exposed to them her plans of marriage to Soo-ho. Through marriage, Ji-hyun aims to take away as much as she can from him.


Chae-Ah meets with the reporter to discuss about Ji-hyun’s plans. Together, they work on a report that highlights and describes Ji-hyun’s new personality. In interviews with the restaurant staff, Young-hee, and even Soo-ho himself, details about Ji-hyun’s kind and caring personality are shared. After watching the report on TV, Ji-hyun hopes to become so famous that everyone will believe in her words and listen to everything she says. This is how she plans on getting back at everyone who hurt her, Ji-eun, and Mom along the way.

Soo-chul’s Mom becomes doubtful about Ji-hyun and questions whether she’s really in it just for the money. However, Soo-chul discusses that with Ji-hyun’s presence, everyone will be compelled to discover more about Soo-ho and therefore learn more about him and Ji-hyun which will eventually lead to both of their downfalls. There’s not much to worry about.

Dad becomes angry at the news article and leaked photos of Ji-hyun and Soo-ho. Instead of backing down, Soo-ho reveals to Dad his plans of marrying Ji-hyun. Mom approves of the marriage and Soo-chul believes that it’s the best decision for all of them. However, Dad heavily disagrees and in a private meeting with Min-seok, he demands that Min-seok quiet Ji-hyun somehow. He doesn’t need to necessarily kill her per se, but Min-seok needs to take responsibility and do his job in protecting the company using whatever means.

Ji-hyun wants to donate the funds originally designed for scholarships to an orphanage instead. The students on the scholarship recipient list all aspire to work in occupations, careers, and industries with such power and authority which they could potentially abuse later on in the future. They can instead give that money to an orphanage and even host a charity event in honor of that. Mom reluctantly agrees with Ji-hyun and goes along with her plans.

Min-seok checks in with Chae-Ah about Ji-hyun and Soo-ho’s marriage. Doesn’t she want to stop them? However, Chae-Ah remains still for the time being. She wants to wait a little longer to see how things will turn out.

Min-seok begins his moves to protect W Group. He bribes Ji-hyun with $3 million dollars in hopes that she’ll accept it and run away. There’s no way she’ll be able to defeat W Group. If she doesn’t accept the money, she’ll eventually die. Ji-hyun gives it a thought, but doesn’t agree to accepting the money.


Chae-Ah reveals to Soo-ho her honest thoughts about Soo-ho’s marriage with Ji-hyun. While Chae-Ah never really had feelings for Soo-ho and instead deluded herself into thinking that she did, what about Ji-hyun? Does Soo-ho really think that Ji-hyun will easily forgive him for what he’s done to her sister and mother? Ji-hyun won’t ever forget and forgive him. They’ll just continue to cause each other pain and will live in that pain and agony forever. Listening to Chae-Ah’s brutal and honest speech gives Soo-ho a headache and he falls onto the ground in agony. Restaurant staff and Chae-Ah rush to his side, but he gets back up by himself just fine. However, the shock is still there and Chae-Ah remains in disbelief at what she just saw.

At home, Soo-ho’s illness doesn’t go away. He stays in his bed and coughs all night, disturbing Ji-hyun. When asked if they will live together when they get married, Ji-hyun answers that they’ll live separately under the same roof. They must do anything they can to be viewed as a happy couple to the public.

Chae-Ah attempts to get in contact with Soo-ho’s doctor. Meanwhile, it’s the day of the charity event at the orphanage. Ji-hyun waits for Soo-ho’s arrival, but discovers from Bok-gyu that he’s currently at a doctor’s appointment. Bok-gyu also brings her the luggage of money that Min-seok had offered her earlier that week. She reconsiders the offer.


Soo-ho receives updates about his condition from his doctor. He learns that any seizures could lead him to become either temporarily or permanently paralyzed. All the intracranial pressure happening to Soo-ho could also lead to paralysis. Since it’s uncertain as to which one Soo-ho will suffer from, the doctor encourages him to live his life to the fullest and to do all that he wants to do before it’s too late.

When Soo-ho arrives at the church where the event will take place, he attempts to remain cool. It’s difficult though as he can’t stop thinking about the doctor’s words. After reuniting with Ji-hyun, Soo-chul and his mom as well as reporters appear at the church as well. They’ll be handing out scholarships thanks to Soo-ho’s Dad’s $3 million dollar donation. Of course, it wasn’t Dad but Ji-hyun who donated the money under his name using the $3 million that Min-seok had offered her. Soo-ho invites Dad to attend the charity event as there’s something he wants Dad to know. Regardless of whether Dad shows up or not, they’ll still go through with the event. Ji-hyun warns Soo-ho to be careful about the type of things that he says to the public. Things like how he found a new reason to live after meeting Ji-hyun hurts her and she doesn’t want to hear those kind of words.

Chae-Ah learns about Soo-ho’s condition from his doctor. Shocked and in disbelief, she finally realizes and understands all the hints that Soo-ho was giving her in past conversations they had with each other. It all finally starts to make sense. Soo-ho was hinting about his death to her all along.

When Dad arrives at the church with Min-seok, Ji-hyun introduces herself and gets straight to the point. She’s going to get married to Soo-ho today. Dad disproves of their marriage and doesn’t attend the wedding. However, the two have already decided to go through with it and the wedding resumes. Right before the wedding, Min-seok tries to stop Ji-hyun once again, but she doesn’t stop. She even asks for Min-seok to protect her with his life.


Chae-Ah rushes to their wedding, but it’s already too late. Soo-ho and Ji-hyun conclude their wedding and walk out the church side by side. They each have their own thoughts and intentions that they plan on executing by using each other. They’re reminded of these thoughts as they walk down the aisle, not as assailant and victim but wife and husband this time.

My Thoughts:

Wow, no one really saw this coming huh? I certainly didn’t which is why I’m feeling a bit conflicted on the sudden turn of things. A part of me feels satisfied with the change of direction that the drama took in regards to Ji-hyun’s character. It’s refreshing to see her act exactly like the powerful and wealthy people she despises so much. She’s giving them a taste of their own medicine and it’s so satisfying watching her control everyone and be the mastermind in the game they’re all playing. There was only so much Ji-hyun could do on her own and we saw that all her efforts to pursue justice was futile when she was going up against monsters. Granted, she’s still going up against monsters like W Group and Soo-ho’s Dad, but with Soo-ho, she’s not alone. With Soo-ho, she has a better chance of achieving her plans and goals and seeking the one thing it is that she wants (which we aren’t so sure of yet).


Through Soo-ho, Ji-hyun plans on becoming famous and deceiving everyone into thinking she’s this perfect and angelic type of girl. She’s going to become so powerful and wealthy and famous that everyone will believe her and buy everything she says. I can see why she decided to take this route and I don’t blame her. I think the fact that Soo-ho is even willing to give himself to her so that she can achieve her plans even if it’s not necessarily what he wants is even better. He doesn’t have to do any of this for Ji-hyun and he can easily defeat her if he truly wanted that. However, as we’ve seen so far in the drama, he feels heavily guilty for the death of Ji-eun and Mom and may feel like he’s taking responsibility for his actions by helping Ji-hyun achieve her plans. Maybe Chae-Ah’s words about Soo-ho and Ji-hyun’s relationship are right. Ji-hyun will probably never forgive Soo-ho even after all that he does for her, but maybe doing this is what will lift some weight off of Soo-ho’s shoulders before he passes away.

I’m glad that we got some progress on Soo-ho and his cancer situation. The drama had been focusing heavily on Ji-hyun and the investigations that we rarely got any additional details on Soo-ho’s cancer. Now that Chae-Ah is aware of his condition, I wonder what she plans on doing or executing. It seems like she wanted to stop his marriage with Ji-hyun, but I’m still a little confused on what grounds or for what reasons. Maybe she really does have feelings for him which she continually denies and wants to act upon them now that she’s aware he might die soon? Regardless, she’s the first one to find out about the deadline to his life and it’ll be interesting to see how she acts around Soo-ho now. It’ll be even more interesting and compelling when Ji-hyun finds out about Soo-ho because that’s really then where things will escalate and worsen.

Soo-ho’s words about Ji-hyun in the press conference was interesting to me because there was some truth in the statements he shared to an extent. In the moments that he voiced those words to the reporters, it seemed like it was all just some kind of lie to deceive reporters into buying his relationship with Ji-hyun, but I also felt like Soo-ho was being honest about his feelings towards Ji-hyun. She was the reason as to why he wanted to live; he found meaning to his life upon meeting her. He wasn’t necessarily outright lying when he shared that with the reporters. So while the press conference was all just a set-up to cover up the truth and to continue to protect Soo-ho, Chae-Ah, and W Group, the words he said during the press conference were truthful to an extent.

Chairman Dad is willing to do anything to save his company even if that means killing Ji-hyun. He doesn’t have any remorse or guilt and while that’s another topic of its own, the most complex and complicated aspect of it all is hiring Min-seok to do the killing for him. Min-seok has covered the truth about Ji-eun and Mom’s death from the public this entire time and even killed Kang In-bum. Ji-hyun’s his next target, but we’re not entirely sure he can go through with it. He struggled in this episode and he warned Ji-hyun so many times to stop before she gets killed. However, Ji-hyun doesn’t stop because she knows it’s Min-seok who’s hired to kill her and she’s also aware that he won’t be able to do that. She’s clearly the most powerful one in this situation and is taking advantage of him and is preying on his weakness. His weakness is her and he doesn’t want to have to go the lengths of killing her to stop her. Though it seems like Min-seok’s unable to carry out Chairman Dad’s desire to stop Ji-hyun through murder, we’ve also seen that he’s a monster who goes through whatever means to get the job done so I wouldn’t say we’re safe from Min-seok just yet. He can clearly kill Ji-hyun if that’s what he has to do to protect himself and the company, but let’s hope he doesn’t actually go there.


This drama is unpredictable and meticulous in the way that it progresses with Ji-hyun’s plans in seeking justice for her family. You never really know what’s going to happen next and the drama remains careful about how much it reveals or which direction it takes. It’s this slippery roller coaster ride with plenty of turns and directions. There’s no knowing what’s going to happen next, but that’s the most exciting (and fearful) part of it all.

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