HyunA posts pictures of her and boyfriend E’Dawn


Aww, I love how bada*s and careless HyunA and E’dawn is.

As many of y’all know, there was a huge amount of chaos and controversy surrounding HyunA and E’dawn when the two were swept up in dating rumors and then confirmed their relationship via social media. Of course, this didn’t sit too well with CUBE Entertainment and the company decided to dismiss both idols from their company only to take the statements back and announce the need for further discussions with the two. While it’s still not too certain what the future will look like for E’Dawn and HyunA, things doesn’t seem to be too positive and bright for CUBE whose stocks dropped immensely upon news of HyunA and E’Dawn’s departure from the company (and, hence, why they took back their statements and wanted to hold further discussions with the two idols lol).

Regardless, HyunA ended her silence by posting a few very adorable and cute pictures of her with E’Dawn on what seems like a date. It’s rare to find idols and celebrities be so brave and to post photos of their significant others – especially for idols whose primary job consists of feeding their fans with the fantasy and false perception of being their boyfriend/girlfriend/partner. However, HyunA and E’dawn didn’t seem to care at all and went forward with showing off their relationship once again. The silence from the two the past few weeks has been a bit concerning, but it’s so nice to see their next move be precious photos of them on a date. I’m glad the two stuck through the rough and chaotic times with each other and didn’t break up despite all the pressure by CUBE and fans to do so.


Seeing these photos of HyunA and E’dawn were not only nice because it showed that they didn’t care about what others thought about them, but it was also just so refreshing to see two celebrities (from the idol world) show off their relationship. So often, idols have to maintain their image as an ideal girlfriend/boyfriend for fans so that they can continue to make money. It’s unhealthy, toxic, and unfortunate, but it’s also a practice that’s been perpetuated since the very beginning. Many years later, nothing’s really changed and idols still have to keep their relationships a secret from fans or else they receive public backlash. Even when idols’s relationships do get revealed (whether by Dispatch or another source), they still receive backlash for simply being in a relationship and loving someone. Idols and celebrities get in trouble for dating and loving someone when those things should be normalized. It all just screams ridiculous and frustrating for me so I found it so so nice and refreshing that HyunA and E’dawn released these photos.



While it might not be anytime soon, hopefully these photos as well as HyunA and E’dawn’s relationship will pave the way for more idol relationships in the future where dating will become a norm in K-Pop and idols will no longer have to hide their relationship in fear of public backlash. Dating should be normalized, dating is a normal thing, and fans should not live off of the perception that their biases and idol groups are perfect, innocent, naive human beings who are destined to be with them. The system has got to change and maybe more actions like HyunA and E’dawn who confirmed their relationship to the public and posted photos to prove it despite all the backlash is what will be necessary to bring about that crucial change.

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