IU returns with new release ‘BBIBBI (삐삐)’ + MV

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 7.40.52 PM

I’m liking this new song from IU! Singer and actress IU returned with a new track titled ‘BBIBBI’ just recently and released a beautiful and visually pleasing MV alongside the new song. While I’m not one to generally care for MV’s as I tend to care more for the song and album itself, the MV to ‘BBIBBI’ is full of aesthetics that once again highlights IU’s timeless beauty.

Upon listening to ‘BBIBBI’ while watching the MV, I found that I already liked it and I was only thirty seconds into the song. It’s nice, pleasant, and simple; there aren’t too many things going on with the track which is always a good sign (though I feel like another version with a featured rap would have also been nice). The song gives off R&B vibes and even reminds me of something that Suran would sing (it gives me the same feelings as Suran’s ‘Wine’). To complement the song (which some can say is a message to her haters lol) was a beautiful and colorful music video. While I’m not so sure how I feel about IU’s reggae hair, I liked her other looks in the music video (her yellow outfit was so nice!).

IU’s always been a threat and powerful force when it comes to music. Her songs always chart and are generally always successful every single time. 10 years into the industry and she has reigned as one of the most relevant and successful idols ever (I’m hesitant on calling her an idol since it seems like she’s moved past that phase and can now just be considered a singer/vocalist). IU winning the ‘Album of the Year’ daesang at last year’s Melon Music Awards with ‘Palette’ proves that IU still has what it takes to be in the game. And to be honest, her career will probably last for many more years. There’s no denying that IU’s been caught up in her fair shares of controversies the past few years, but she still has enough dedicated fans and an interested general public to support her. She will be fine.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 7.58.36 PM

When not acting, IU returns with new music and has been repeating this cycle the past few years. Her drama ‘My Ahjusshi’ aired earlier this year and received a pretty exciting and decent response. IU seems to switch off between the two (excluding all her endorsements, cfs, and other activities) so in one way or the other, you’re seeing her whether through music or your TV screen. IU’s not going anywhere anytime soon and maybe that’s a good thing for all of us 🙂

Bonus: Extra screenshots from the MV. I seriously tried my best not to screenshot the entire thing (although that was very difficult because the MV is so pretty! Lol).

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