Moon Chae-won makes drama return in ‘Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter’



Moon Chae-won (Criminal Minds) is finally returning with another drama titled ‘Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter’ which also stars Yoon Hyun-min (A Witch’s Court), Ko Du-shim (My Ahjusshi), and Seo Ji-hoon (Solomon’s Perjury). The drama will follow fairy Sun Ok-nam (played by Moon Chae-won) who descends onto earth. However, she finds that a woodcutter has stolen her clothes which prevents her from returning to the heavens so she has no choice but to stay on earth. It’s there that she meets and marries the woodcutter, but she still fails to find her clothes. Fast forward 699 years later and she finally has the opportunity to reunite with her reincarnated husband as well as to finally retrieve her fairy clothes again.

Along with the interesting premise, words can’t express how excited and satisfied I am with the cast. I love Moon Chae-won and it’s such a shame that her last drama ‘Criminal Minds’ was such a difficult drama to watch (I dropped it after trying so very hard to watch it for Moon Chae-won and Lee Jun-ki, but I just couldn’t stick with it). Yoon Hyun-min is an actor that I’m a casual fan of; I first discovered him in ‘Cruel City’ a few years back and became a fan of his ever since. Though I never finished ‘A Witch’s Court’ entirely, I like him and his acting so he’s always been someone that I watched out for. I’m extremely excited to see Seo Ji-hoon back with another project as he’s also another actor who I’ve been a fan of since his impactful appearance in ‘Signal.’ He also had a minor role in ‘School 2017’ and then played as the lead in ‘Solomon’s Perjury’ so he has his name out there, but hasn’t managed to hit it big just quite yet. Hopefully this drama will be that drama to help him ascend and rise even more!


Though the teaser is short, Moon Chae-won appears at the very end looking absolutely gorgeous with her hair in a bun and in her pink hanbok dress. ‘Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter’ will premiere on November 5 on tvN right after ‘100 Days My Prince’ (something tells me tvN will be getting two back-to-back hits!). Directing the drama will be Kim Yun-cheol whose other works include ‘The Lady in Dignity’ as well as timeless classic and my personal favorite ‘My Name is Kim Sam-soon.’

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