HyunA terminates contract with CUBE Entertainment

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We finally receive an update on HyunA’s situation with CUBE Entertainment after a few weeks of silence and anticipation on what her next move would be. It was finally confirmed that HyunA will be leaving the entertainment company after discussion with CUBE. The former 4minute member-turned-solo has decided to terminate her contract with CUBE.

More than anything, I’m pretty sure many fans were happy and relieved to learn that HyunA would be leaving CUBE. CUBE did both HyunA and E’dawn wrong by throwing them out of the company impulsively to suddenly taking them back in to “discuss” with them on their next moves. HyunA has been loyal to CUBE for many years now and even chose to stay with them even after the mess with B2ST (now known as Highlight) and 4minute. She’s been with CUBE since the very beginning and it’s unfortunate that her time with the company who gave her a second chance at stardom has turned out like this. HyunA has had an interesting time with CUBE the past decade, but not all things last or end on a happy note. We’ve seen that far too many times in K-Pop with other cases.

There’s no saying what HyunA’s next move will be, but I’m more than positive that she’ll be fine. HyunA will eventually find another company who will treat her better and allow her to actually date while promoting music. There’s already probably a line of companies willing to take her in and support her career. As for E’dawn, it’s uncertain as to what his situation with CUBE is. He’s probably still with Pentagon, but is just on an indefinite hiatus at this point until things gloss over.

Whatever the decision is for E’dawn, there’s no denying that HyunA and E’dawn care enough about each other to stick through the rough times and still be together. HyunA recently posted pictures and videos of the two again on her Instagram account after news of her contract termination was posted. If there’s a winner in this situation, it’d definitely have to be HyunA.

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