100 Days My Prince: Episode 12 Recap

The angst is strong in this one, but so is Hong-shim and Won-deuk's love for each other. Though times may be tough and there are many obstacles separating the two and many challenges awaiting the married couple, they realize that maybe true love does conquer all. 100 Days My Prince: Episode 12 Recap Lord Kim [...]

K-Pop Round Up: NCT 127, SNSD’s Yuri, iKON, Babylon

Another month which means another month of new songs, albums, and releases. There were quite a few interesting comebacks and returns such as the solo debut of SNSD's Yuri (also my bias in SNSD) as well as YG's iKON who made another return after their hits 'Love Scenario' and 'Killing Me' earlier this year. SNSD/Girl's [...]