Baek Jin-hee and Kang Ji-hwan butt heads in upcoming drama ‘Feel Good to Die’


Ohh ho ho, this shall be a fun and interesting one to watch. Upcoming KBS drama ‘Feel Good to Die’ stars Baek Jin-hee (Let’s Eat 3) and Kang Ji-hwan (Children of a Lesser God). Kang Ji-hwan plays Baek Jin-sang, the team leader of a company where Baek Jin-hee’s character Lee Roo-da also works at. As her boss, Baek Jin-sang is quite the mean and arrogant kind which turns Roo-da off (I mean, it would be off-putting to anyone really). She essentially employs a plan to try to reform and improve her boss at work so that they can stop butting heads and so that he can become a better person.

Watching the teaser of Baek Jin-hee reminded me of her character in’ Jugglers’ where she also worked at an office/company under a boss (the only difference are the actors playing her bosses of course lol). While I do think there will be some similarities, I believe that Baek Jin-hee’s charming enough of an actress to be able to make this Roo-da character her own and not similar to her character in ‘Jugglers.’ I generally like Baek Jin-hee and I think she’s a very charming actress. She might not be the prettiest or most talented actress out there, but she knows how to work the camera and has decent acting skills. I’ve liked her in all the projects I’ve seen her in so far and I’m positive she’ll do well in this drama as well (I’m still not over her in ‘Let’s Eat 3’ and how sudden the drama ended. I miss the drama T___T).

I haven’t seen many of Kang Ji-hwan’s recent works and I haven’t actually watched anything of his in quite a long time. When I first got into K-Dramaland, I remembered him for dramas like ‘Lie to Me’ and ‘Coffee House’ (omg thinking of those dramas brings back soooo many memories!). However, I haven’t been as up to date lately so this drama will be the next thing I will watch him in after quite a long time.

I think the process in reforming Boss Baek Jin-sang will surely be fun to watch with lots of bickering and eye-rolling and sighing. I might give the first four episodes a watch and stick with it if I find it charming enough. Directing the drama will be Lee Eun-jin who has worked on other dramas like ‘Sassy Go Go’ and ‘Lovers of Music.’ ‘Feel Good to Die’ is set to air on KBS starting November 7, 2018.

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