TWICE returns with ‘Yes or Yes’ + 6th Mini-Album


The nation’s girl group from the 3rd generation, TWICE, returned with their 6th mini-album and title track ‘YES or YES.’ After releasing ‘What is Love’ and ‘Dance the Night Away’ earlier this year, the girl group finally returned with another comeback. Similar to their other tracks, ‘Yes or Yes’ is another bubbly and colorful track with beautiful aethestic and shots of the girls in the music video.

I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest fan of TWICE and am rather just a casual listener who checks out their title tracks. With that being said though, I’m a fan of the majority of their title tracks including ‘Knock Knock’, ‘Cheer Up’, ‘TT’, and ‘Likey’, but there are also a few that I don’t really care for. Unfortunately, ‘Yes or Yes’ lands in that latter tier where the title track didn’t really do much for me. However, I did give their mini-album a try and thankfully some of the album tracks made up for the lack of impact that ‘Yes or Yes’ had on me.

I’m not one to usually listen to TWICE’s album tracks since I’m just a casual listener who primarily focuses on their title tracks. However, I’m glad I gave their most recent mini-album a listen because there were actually a few hidden gems in the album. My favorite tracks would have to be ‘La La La’, ‘Young and Wild’, and ‘Sunset.’ I love these 3 tracks so much they’re all that I’ve been listening to the past few days. I especially enjoy ‘La La La’ so much a part of me wishes it could have been the title track (but that’s just me being biased of course).


As with their prior comebacks, TWICE’s latest comeback is yet another huge hit and success for the girl group. It doesn’t come as a surprise though since they’re (one of) the representative girl group of K-Pop in the third generation. They’ve achieved so much since their debut in 2015 and they’ll only be going up. It’s obvious that TWICE won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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