Zico leaves Block B while the rest of the six members renew contracts

There’s always this kind of news around the time when K-Pop groups decide whether to renew their contracts or not once their 7-year contracts conclude. It’s happened to B1A4 just earlier this year as well as others groups like INFINITE, SNSD, and many more over the years. Block B is the latest K-Pop group to suffer from the 7-year curse as the seven member boy group will now be reduced to only six members after Zico decided not to re-sign with the group.

I guess this doesn’t really as a surprise since Zico has been pursuing a pretty successful solo career for a while now. He’s been able to make a name for himself as a soloist and was even able to stand out when he first debuted with Block B back in 2011. Zico was fortunate enough to be able to successfully showcase his skills and talents through his music over the years and has established himself as one of the most popular K-hiphop rappers. While I myself might not be the big fan of Block B like I used to be when they first debuted and I don’t follow the group nor Zico as often anymore, news of a member leaving a group is always sad.

I feel like we should be used to news like this since it happens more often in K-Pop than we think, but you’re never quite prepared for what happens when news of disbandment or contract renewals comes around. I guess it’s just sad to see a group you followed when they first debuted slowly fade over the years and then eventually suffer member changes. You grow nostalgic and you reminisce the earlier days in the group’s career and finally realize just how much has changed over the years. Again, while I might not have been the biggest fan of Block B, they were a group I supported when they first came out. I still remember some of their songs to this day and I heavily enjoy tracks like ‘HER’, ‘Be the Light’, ‘Very Good’, ‘Toy’ as well as a few side tracks. While it’s unfortunate, Block B’s situation was also expected to an extent considering just how much focus and work Zico had also been putting in his solo career.

The rest of the six members have renewed their contract and will be resuming group promotions as six while Zico will pursue his solo career. Hopefully, Zico will make more tracks like ‘She’s a Baby’ which I greatly enjoyed while I wish Block B the rest of luck with their group promotions.

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